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We’re excited to return to our seasonal cadence of the seasonal Gitcoin Grants, with a number of exciting updates and changes to our platform and processes. Gitcoin Grants 18 (GG18) will run from August 15th to August 29th, 2023.

Last update: Aug 9, 2023

TL;DR for GG18:

  • $1M matching funds for Core Rounds
  • 4 Core Rounds
  • Community-led Featured Rounds
  • Applications are open until the 15th, with an early bird deadline of midnight UTC on 11th (which guarantees you a review before the round goes live!)
  • Since the Gitcoin Passport scores reset after 90 days, be sure to refresh by re-collecting your stamps before the GG18 starts on August 15th: Note: you will need a score of a minimum of 20 to be eligible for matching.
  • GG18 will be on Optimism besides the Core Ethereum Infrastructure round, which will be on PGN. Featured Round program managers have the option to choose which network they would like to run on.
  • GG18 starts at 12:00 UTC on Aug 15th, 2023
  • GG18 ends at 12:00 UTC on Aug 29th, 2023

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We’re thrilled to return to our seasonal cadence of Gitcoin Grants, with a number of exciting updates and changes to our platform and processes since our Alpha and Beta rounds, continuing to work towards our permissionless future. Gitcoin Grants 18 (GG18) will run from August 15th, 2023 to August 29th, 2023. We have learned a lot from the initial rounds run on our new decentralized platform, Gitcoin Grants Stack, and we're happy to announce that amongst other updates for GG18, Gitcoin Passport will have a number of new stamps, the donation flow will include multi-round checkouts, as well as the round will run on L2's

Core Rounds

The Core Rounds are a limited set of recurring thematic rounds most aligned with the Gitcoin DAO’s community and mission. You can review the general and core round eligibility criteria for GG18 here

Climate Solutions

250,000 DAI Matching Pool

10% Matching Cap
Grants in this round are primarily focused on climate solutions (the group may do other work, but the grant proposal must be directly related to climate solutions). The projects are explicitly helping to reduce GHGs, and/or serve as an important core infrastructure for web3 climate solutions.

Ethereum Infrastructure

106.9 ETH Matching Pool

10% Matching Cap
Ethereum Infrastructure grants are in support of, or directly advancing the Ethereum ecosystem. This includes areas like: Core client devs, tooling providers, and grants showcasing the power of critical ecosystem ideas.

Web3 Community and Education

250,000 DAI Matching Pool
6% Matching Cap
Grants focused on non-software projects pushing Web3 space forward, including growing new communities, providing educational resources, creating content, protecting users, and working on inclusion/diversity/advocacy.

Web3 Open Source Software

300,000 DAI Matching Pool

5% Matching Cap

Web3 OSS grants are open-source projects primarily focused on developing on top of, or advancing the broader Ethereum and/or web3 industry.

Featured Rounds

Gitcoin Grants Featured Rounds are primarily operated by external parties (most akin to our legacy "ecosystem rounds") that are mission-aligned partners. We believe showcasing more rounds alongside the seasonal Gitcoin Grants program as one cohesive event will create network effects that benefit all communities involved; the Featured Rounds will run in the same 2-week window.


25,000 DAI Matching Pool

10% Matching Cap

Building Zuzalu: Continuous Innovation Hub QF Round 1. Zuzalu is a first-of-its-kind pop-up city community that began in Montenegro in 2023. Focused on topics like synthetic biology, technology for privacy, public goods, longevity, governance and more, Zuzalu fostered the creation of many new projects and ideas. This round (and many more) aim to fund those teams and ideas that arose from hackathons and community collaboration with continued support via QF.

Token Engineering Commons

25,000 DAI Matching Pool

20% Matching Cap

The grants being offered in this round are for public goods projects primarily focused on education, tooling and research related to token engineering. This includes topics like the design and analysis of cryptoeconomic systems.

Latin America

25,000 DAI Matching Pool

10% Matching Cap

This Meta Pool LatAm round serves as a nexus for multiple projects to access sustainable funding in a decentralized way. Staking reward fees from the first 1000 ETH delegated to the Meta Pool protocol will recirculate to budding builders from the rising economic powers in Latin America.

Global Chinese Community

25,000 DAI

10% Matching Cap

Grants in support of projects working on ETH Infra, DeSci, Security & Anti-fraud, Crypto Education & Policy Advocate, Decentralized Public Governance in the Global Chinese Community ecosystem. This round aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development, ultimately leading to positive and transformative impacts in the public goods area in Global Chinese Community.

Web3 Social

25,000 DAI

4% Matching Cap

The main criteria for Web3 social round are that you’re actively doing work that accelerates Web3 social space and the overall decentralized world. This can be anything related to Web3 Social, but we are especially interested in Web3 infrastructure layers, info distribution protocols, data storage, Web3 social dApps, and games. Mask Network is excited to host the Web3 Social grant round with Gitcoin to help web3 social-related projects flourish using Quadratic Funding.

Gitcoin Passport

Gitcoin originally created Gitcoin Passport to defend its Grants program from Sybil attacks, ensuring that only real people can help decide which projects receive funds from a shared matching pool. Since then, Passport has become the premier Sybil defense solution that protects multiple communities from bots and bad actors. Passport recently received a boost with 6 new stamps and a new scoring algorithm. The Passport team also re-engineered the Github stamp to prevent Sybils from fabricating accounts and impersonating human activity.

GG18 will continue to use Gitcoin Passport to identify "high-quality participants" who genuinely contribute to the community and ecosystem. To be eligible for matching funds, participants must have a Passport score of 20 or above. The updates to the scoring algorithm are based on an analysis of which stamps provide the strongest signal that holders of that stamp are likely to be unique humans.

We encourage all users to verify as many stamps as they can to increase their Gitcoin Passport Score for matching funds of their donation, but a score of 20 is sufficient. 

Since the Gitcoin Passport scores reset after 90 days, be sure to refresh by re-collecting your stamps before the GG18 starts on August 15th:

Grants Stack

Gitcoin Grants Stack is the first-ever decentralized, customizable, smart contract-enabled solution that connects grants program managers, project owners, and community members. At its core, Grants Stack is designed to enable communities to fund initiatives that are important to them using QF and soon, Direct Grants. The Alpha and the Beta Rounds demonstrated that we have built a decentralized grants application capable of running high-volume Quadratic Funding programs. We also implemented key feedback to improve our infrastructure and user experience in our ongoing quest to reduce user friction, such as multi-round checkout. We are excited for you to explore the latest suite of tools in Grants Stack that make it easy for communities to allocate capital to fund their shared needs collectively.

A Word on L2 Support

We garnered invaluable insights during the Beta round on how to level up, especially in managing gas fees. All core rounds in GG18 will be on Optimism besides the Core Ethereum Infrastructure round, which will be on PGN. Featured Round program managers can choose which network to run their round on. As a grantee, you can create your grant in Grants Stack’s Builder on any network and then apply on the appropriate network. To participate by applying to a round or donating in one, refer to these steps to ensure you correctly bridge your funds to the appropriate network.

Let's Fund What Matters. Together.

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