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Why grants Stack?

An end-to-end grants solution customized to your needs.

Launch QF

Launch and manage a quadratic funding round with ease

Onchain Rep

Empower grant applicants to mobilize their community while building onchain reputation

Boost Engagement

Enable supporters to vote with their capital to fund projects they care about

Distribute funds

Distribute matching funds to projects that get the highest number of donations

Program managers,
grow your ecosystem with your own QF grants round!

Gitcoin Grants Stack is a protocol-enabled solution that enables any community to create, manage and grow a grants program. From deployment and application management, to funds allocation, Grants Stack makes it easy to run a grants program.


Easily deploy & manage your grants program

Initiate your grants program with our dashboard for grants program managers
Earmark a pool of funds to distribute for a certain cause, then set timeframes for applications and approvals

Application Management

Seamlessly review & accept grantees in one place

Share your selection criteria and application with your community
Approve applications and accept projects into your round

Fund Allocation

Approve & fund projects in your round

Review the QF round results and add the final numbers to your round contract

Round Reporting

Understand how your round performed

Access a dashboard of round stats to see how a given Quadratic Funding round is performing both during and after the round

Ready to try?

Launch Manager

WTF is QF?

Unlock the power of community funding

Quadratic Funding makes community contributions count. The broader the support, the bigger the match.

QF distributes matching funds to projects that get the most support from the greatest number of people

QF enables supporters to vote with their capital on the projects they care about most

QF automatically increases your impact by crowdfunding additional funds that further fuel ecosystem innovation

The impact of Grants Stack

What our partners are saying...

Gitcoin's quadratic funding gives the community a voice, with the match aligning more with the number of contributors rather than just the amount funded. Blockchain Association is proud to have been included in multiple advocacy rounds, allowing us to continue to advocate for the industry in Washington, D.C.

Social networks, the pulsing town squares of our digital lives, are public goods at their core. They shape our experiences and foster civic discourse. With Gitcoin's Grants Stack, we're amplifying this truth, enabling self-expression to echo across the digital commons.

The new Gitcoin Grants Stack gave our team of community-elected round operators everything they needed to run a grants round for the DeSci community. This official frontend interface lets us use the Allo protocol to fund projects in our emerging space, and has also dramatically improved the UX for grantees to create and submit projects. The product already works in beta – and I'm excited to use all the great features that are on the roadmap.

Build your own regenerative funding tools with our Allo protocol

Gitcoin Grants Stack is built with Gitcoin’s open-source funding allocation protocol Allo.