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Announcing Allo live on Celo’s Alfajores Test Network

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The Allo Protocol team is excited to announce that Allo v2 has been deployed to Celo’s Alfajores testnet.

Allo is a protocol for efficiently and transparently allocating resources onchain. It empowers groups of all sizes to decide how they want to allocate funding. It is built on the years of experience Gitcoin earned, running 18 rounds of its Quadratic Funding (QF) grants program, Gitcoin Grants.

But Allo is for builders. Anyone looking to build tools for allocating and distributing tokens should take a closer look. The pool manager (Allo core) manages a pool of funds to be allocated and distributed through an allocation strategy. Strategies give you the ability to experiment with different ways of allocating resources. And finally, the project registry is a universal registry of projects, represented onchain.

Gitcoin and the Allo Protocol team have worked closely with Celo for a long time: Gitcoin was one of the first technical integrations on Celo and became one of the first members of the Alliance for Prosperity. Today’s announcement is the culmination of a long shared experience of public goods funding and using web3 to have a positive impact on the world. Celo is a carbon-negative, mobile-first, EVM-compatible blockchain that is leading the way towards a new and inclusive digital economy.

Building on Celo and Allo

By launching on Celo’s testnet, we hope to encourage builders to create novel systems for allocating resources that leverage some of Celo’s unique capabilities. What kinds of allocation strategies can you build for users who are primarily interacting with smart contracts through their mobile phone? What kinds of grants program tooling can you build with Celo’s broad, global reach?

Together, we hope to encourage the ecosystem to start to think about how we can leverage web3 technology beyond the web3 ecosystem.

What’s next?

We are live on the Alfajores testnet now and you can find links to deploy your contracts here. Be on the lookout for our mainnet announcement in early-October.

We anticipate using Allo to distribute funds as part of Celo’s On Chain Community Fund and would love to use tools built by you, the community, to do so.

In the meantime, we’ve launched four challenges to build on Allo and Celo as part of the Funding the Commons Hackathon (here, here, here, and here). We’re also planning some exciting builder activities leading up to our mainnet launch. If you’re interested in joining our developer community, take a minute to fill out this form (opens in a new tab).

We look forward to seeing what we can all build together!

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