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Web3 Grants and the Global Fight Against Cancer with Gitcoin and American Cancer Society

TL;DR – From Nov 28 to Dec 12, help fund cancer research and more through our QF Round with the American Cancer Society on Gitcoin Grants Stack. The round has a matching pool of $75,000 ARB, using the power of transparent, web3-oriented grants to drive impact in Patient Lodging, Health Equity, Cancer Screening and Research.

Join Gitcoin Grants Stack and the American Cancer Society in bringing bottom-up grants allocation to the NGO world and enabling non-profits to supercharge innovation grants in a democratized & transparent way.

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The synergy between Gitcoin Grants Stack and the American Cancer Society illustrates a pioneering approach in advancing cancer research and care using the power of Quadratic Funding. This collaboration not only embraces innovation, but also upholds the principles of diversity, inclusion and transparency, reinforcing shared commitments to improving health equity worldwide.

By leveraging Gitcoin Grants Stack and Quadratic Funding, the American Cancer Society (ACS) can further its mission, drive groundbreaking research, address health disparities and ensure that breakthroughs in cancer prevention and treatment are accessible to all, regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic status.

As a grassroots organization, much like Gitcoin, the ACS is constantly re‐examining and deepening its efforts to intentionally advance public interest in cancer care and treatment. Gitcoin Grants Stack serves as a platform for community-driven funding, supporting the ACS’s direct assistance and education programs for people with cancer, caregivers and clinicians in over 20,000 communities. 

Cancer is a disease that can affect anyone, but it doesn’t affect everyone equally. Many factors can impact a person's ability to prevent, diagnose, treat and survive cancer. These complexities are rooted in social, economic and cultural influences that intersect with and have an impact on each other. 

Gitcoin Grants Stack provides a platform for the American Cancer Society to receive community-driven funding for its health equity initiatives. The web3 grants ecosystem allows for contributors to participate in a diverse set of funding initiatives. This aligns seamlessly with the ACS's commitment to ensuring that breakthroughs in both cancer prevention and treatment are accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.

Web3 grants have the potential to mobilize a global community to contribute to life-saving research breakthroughs in cancer prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship. Blockchain powered funding can be directed towards multi-year grants at nearly 200 institutions nationwide in the United States, spanning the entire spectrum of cancer-related care.

The web3 grants ecosystem can support programs like the Diversity in Cancer Research initiative, providing grants to HBCU medical schools and promoting cancer health equity research centers at minority-serving institutions. This aligns with the American Cancer Society's emphasis on innovation in its goal of preventing cancers through evidence-based programs.

Gitcoin's emphasis on innovation aligns with the American Cancer Society's mission to advance advocacy and discovery in the cancer space. Furthermore, the transparency inherently found in web3 grants ensures that funding allocation is visible and traceable, fostering trust among contributors. We’re excited to partner with the American Cancer Society to drive awareness and increase funding for a variety of cancer care initiatives in a transparent and accountable way to promote health equity.

Let's pioneer real-world regenerative impact together – every donation to this independent round will fuel research breakthroughs, address healthcare disparities and ensure accessible treatment around the globe. The ACS QF round will support multiple programs including patient support programs, health equity, cancer screening and cancer research, aiming to bring DAO-driven grant allocation to the NGO sector.

Donate to this groundbreaking round today

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