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April 30, 2024

Announcing: Gitcoin Grants 20

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“As we embark on GG20, we're thrilled to return to our roots and reaffirm our commitment to OSS. OSS has been a driving force behind remarkable advancements, and crypto marks a natural progression of the OSS movement. By refocusing on OSS with a matching pool of $1M, we're ensuring that the majority of the funds entrusted to us by the community are directed toward the core principles that have brought us this far. Thank you for being a part of this journey!” – Sov, Gitcoin Grants Program Lead

TL;DR for GG20:

  • $1.4M+ available in matching
  • 4 OSS Program rounds
  • 5 community rounds
  • Applications open from April 2 - April 16
  • GG20 donations start on April 23rd at 12:00 UTC 
  • GG20 donations end on May 7th at 23:59 
  • Protection from sybils using Gitcoin Passport is now automated (no more collecting stamps!)
  • GG20 will run on Arbitrum, and through Thank ARB they will boost our OSS matching pool, support community rounds and champion those participating in GG20!
  • For all GG20 resources, check out the Grants Portal


We are so excited to announce GG20! 

Gitcoin Grants is a community-curated quarterly funding program that exists to seed the next generation of high impact projects. GG20 marks the 20th edition since it began in 2019, and has facilitated over 3,500 projects, distributing $60M across 19 rounds and is still the largest Quadratic Funding event not only in web3, but the world. The Gitcoin team is continuously refining and enhancing the program to ensure fairness, transparency, and a continual focus on funding digital public goods for the common good.

For GG20, a $1M matching pool has been allocated to the Gitcoin Open Source Software Program, which boasts four dedicated OSS rounds. But that’s not all: Gitcoin is a community of communities. 

Close to $500K will be allocated by five Community Rounds, through funds they have raised themselves and by being matched by Gitcoin through our new governance process. Matching on Matching on Matching!

Find all the essential details about GG20:

Running GG20 on Arbitrum

GG20 is running on Arbitrum, and through Thrive Protocol, the Thank ARB campaign will boost our OSS matching pool, support community rounds and champion those participating in GG20! We are thrilled about rolling out a multi-layered partnership for GG20. Check out this gov post for more info on what this looks like in action.

OSS Program rounds

For GG20, we’re returning to our roots to focus on open-source software funding, supporting builders across the Ethereum ecosystem. The OSS Program in GG20 boasts four dedicated rounds. By doing so, we aim to provide focused and impactful support and ensure resources are directed where they can achieve the greatest effect.

Hackathon Alumni

Matching pool: $100k
Matching cap: 10%

This round is dedicated to nurturing open-source software (OSS) development and impact. We aim to bolster projects that have demonstrated initial success at recent hackathons and those tackling immediate and significant challenges within the OSS landscape.

dApps & Apps

Matching pool: $300k
Matching cap: 5%

This round aims to hasten the growth and widespread use of dApps and Apps. It is here to support those offering innovative utilities or services within the ecosystem. This includes dApps and apps that enhance the accessibility and usability of Web3 or contribute to financial inclusion, education, and social impact.

Developer Tooling & Libraries

Matching pool: $300k
Matching cap: 10%

This round focuses on improving developer efficiency in the open-source software (OSS) and Web3 ecosystems by funding projects that provide essential tooling and libraries. This includes development environments, frameworks, and testing tools for Web3 and libraries that enable secure and efficient smart contract development.

Web3 infrastructure

Matching pool: $300k
Matching cap: 10%

This round aims to strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem's foundational infrastructure by supporting projects crucial for its development, scalability, and security. This includes core client development, staking infrastructure, decentralized identity solutions, security and scalability solutions, wallet security and privacy, and efforts to standardize solutions such as account abstraction and statelessness.

Community Rounds

Ahead of GG20, Gitcoin rolled out a new governance process, where communities were encouraged to submit their proposals to apply for extra funding from Gitcoin and to take part in GG20. By establishing this governance, it allows Gitcoin to push the decision-making process out to the edges and allows the elected external Community Council to be part of a more community-driven decision making process.

This edition highlights five communities running their rounds, with matching pools amounting to $476k. Gitcoin distributed an additional $25k in matching funds to each round, thus boosting their existing funds available. There will also be additional community rounds deploying to run alongside GG20, all operated independently of Gitcoin and round’s mentioned here: a true coordination of funding what matters!


Matching pool: $100k
Matching cap: 10%

ENS is a leading force in digital identity and the most extensively integrated blockchain naming standard.

The GG20 ENS Identity Round round supports projects actively building on top of ENS. Any project growing, enhancing, or supporting the decentralized identity system around ENS can apply.

Climate Solutions

Matching pool: $300k
Matching cap: 10%

CCN's mission is to accelerate blockchain-enabled climate solutions on a global scale. To date, they've facilitated 8 Climate Solutions Rounds (GG12-GG19), crowdfunding nearly $1M & distributing almost $3.9M to hundreds of projects utilizing the EVM.

The CCN Climate Solutions Round's mission is to accelerate blockchain-enabled climate solutions on a global scale, catalyzing diverse forms of climate action to create a sustainable and equitable future for all. Through strategic grant distribution coupled with support, we empower climate projects dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and serving as essential core infrastructure for Web3 climate solutions.

Open Civics

Matching pool: $41k
Matching cap: 25%

This OpenCivics Consortium Round seeks to fund critical collaborative protocols, prototypes, and infrastructures that enable civic engagement and interoperable civic utilities for direct governance and stewardship of our communities and commons. These collaborative methods and prototypes are critically underfunded force multipliers for multi-agent coordination on key systemic leverage points that create deep social change.

Hypercerts Ecosystem

Matching pool: 35k
Matching cap: 25%

Hypercerts are a new protocol for funding and rewarding positive impact.

This round is dedicated to enhancing the Hypercerts Ecosystem, striving towards an interconnected impact funding network. We are looking to support projects in several key areas: integrating hypercerts with existing funding platforms, mirroring the integration seen with Gitcoin; developing new applications, such as prize competitions that leverage the hypercerts infrastructure; crafting tooling to extend the ecosystem's functionality for multiple integrations and applications, exemplified by tools like Deresy for evaluator coordination; and piloting tangible use cases that test new functionalities, including the implementation of retroactive funding rounds with hypercerts or the use of hyperboards.

Token Engineering Commons

Matching pool: 50k
Matching cap: 15%

The Token Engineering QF Grants Round: Spring 2024 aims to catalyze innovative token engineering ideas and early-stage projects to achieve proven impact in the token engineering space. In this round, we focus on research, education, software development and/or social infrastructure that advances the field of token engineering. The TEC uses what we call “Tunable Quadratic Funding” (TQF) to allocate matching funds in our Gitcoin rounds. This approach enables us to incorporate token engineering expertise into the Quadratic Funding allocation process.

Donating in GG20

We’re excited to roll out a big evolution to our matching algorithm this round that achieves higher sybil protection with much less user friction! This evolution has two parts: connection-oriented cluster matching (COCM) and Passport’s new Model based detection.

The way Gitcoin Passport is integrated for GG20 no longer requires users to collect stamps: it’s entirely running in the background. Read more about the new approach here.

From April 23rd, everyone will have yet another opportunity to signal what matters most to them by voting with their crypto through the power of Quadratic Funding. 

To participate and keep up to date with GG20, visit

Please note that we have transitioned from conducting the OSS program quarterly to holding it biannually. This shift enables us to allocate larger matching pools for each round, amplifying our capacity for impactful reporting and focused evaluations. Soon after GG20, we will release round dates for the remainder of 2024.

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