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August 29, 2022

Announcing the KERNEL Security Track

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KERNEL’s mission is to create a stimulating, opportune space for top web3 builders to create, consolidate, and expand their next adventure, surrounded by a like-minded, highly driven community of fellows.

KERNEL’s mission is to create a stimulating, opportune space for top web3 builders to create, consolidate, and expand their next adventure, surrounded by a like-minded, highly driven community of fellows.

We’re proud to announce the KERNEL Security Track, running January 7 – March 24 as a part of KERNEL Block 2.

100 Security Fellows 6 Weekly Modules 20+ Security Experts

Creating a new world requires many different layers, elements, and perspectives. In the web3 world, security is a paramount piece of the entire puzzle. Security researchers, some of the most important builders of our web3 ecosystem, are still a scarce resource. Yet most projects we know and care about today wouldn’t have made it to where they are without people like samczsun checking their code and safeguarding both projects and users against attacks.

To encourage and support more Sam Sun of this world, KERNEL will host a Subcohort of 100 security enthusiasts. The security track in KERNEL 2 will not make you an auditor,but it will help you take the first steps to becoming one, with the support of experienced mentors, real-time project case studies, and nearly 100 other brilliant peers to learn and develop alongside.

Let’s face it, security has never been the most glamorous of subjects nor the most valued. But as we build a new open web, focusing on security is paramount. As a security researcher, you have to not only understand the codebase, but understand how to leverage automated tooling, weird tricks that can only be found through practicing manual reviews, and even stranger interactions between sometimes totally unrelated pieces of code. Perhaps as importantly, you have to understand the past (and the mistakes others have made).

It doesn’t stop with shipping secure code either. A competent security researcher or employee should know about secure management of the assets a project holds, from threat modeling to key management and access control. Do you have compliance issues in the jurisdictions your offering services to? Have you thought about upgradeability or dependency risk? How is the documentation managed and updated? There is a lot of various disciplines that intersect when discussing “security” and best practices are changing almost at the pace of the technology itself.

We’re excited to partner with ETHSecurity, Status & yAcademy to create, nurture and grow a community of experts in web3 security.

100 Security Enthusiasts

What you can expect from KERNEL 2 x Security:

  • Access to all KERNEL Fireside chats
  • Weekly, topic-specific masterclasses & small group breakouts with top security auditors in the web3 space like Corey Petty from Status, Goncalo Sa from ConsenSys Diligence, Dan Guido from Trail of Bits, and white-hat hacker Samzsun!
  • Ongoing 1:1 support for mentorship with 20+ experts from the KERNEL security team
  • Some of the masterclass topics include: Web3 differences from traditional security, manual reviews, automated tooling, and organizational security.
  • Shared time for ethical hacking on real-time projects with peers of similar skill-level and cadence
  • Possible invitation to join the yAcademy team with a path to permanent status in the yAcademy with compensation and equity to top talent

Our aim with KERNEL 2 x Security is to help those passionate about security with a desire to become security experts and auditors. This is about laying the foundations, taking the first steps, but also learning best practices that will help them test in production in a more secure and principled way.

100 Security Enthusiasts

🗓️ WHEN:

Phase 1 – The application process starts today, Monday, November 9th 2020, and will close at 6pm CEST on Friday, December 4th 2020.

Phase 2 – Interviews for the cohort will then start on Monday, December 7th 2020. For those accepted, the KERNEL Fellowship will start in January 2021.


Right here! Please take your time answering all the questions as it will help our mentors shape the shortlist in prep for the interview stage.

Good luck everyone. We look forward to meeting you all. Here’s to creating, nurturing and growing a strong web3 security community together.

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