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Announcing Winners of the ETH Shanghai Hackathon 2022

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On June 3, 2022, the first-ever ETH Shanghai Hackathon came to a close. Through the course of 14 days, 24 impressive finalist projects emerged from over 200 submissions, building and developing prototypes using development tools provided by event sponsors. The ETH Shanghai Hackathon 2022 is an event that ran parallel to the ETH Shanghai Web 3.0 Developer Summit, with the goal of encouraging budding developers to build creative and innovative applications for Web 3.0. The Hackathon was hosted by Mast Network and Gitcoin.

On June 3, 2022, the first-ever ETH Shanghai Hackathon came to a close. Through the course of 14 days, 24 impressive finalist projects emerged from over 200 submissions, building and developing prototypes using development tools provided by event sponsors.

The ETH Shanghai Hackathon 2022 is an event that ran parallel to the ETH Shanghai Web 3.0 Developer Summit, with the goal of encouraging budding developers to build creative and innovative applications for Web 3.0. The Hackathon was hosted by Mask Network and Gitcoin. On Demo Day, a professional group of judges from top projects and venture capital including ConsenSys, Digital Currency Group, Dragonfly Capital, Ethereum Foundation, Mask Network, NEAR, Polygon, and Y2Z Ventures evaluated the 24 finalist projects. (See full list of judges here).

Decentralized social network is the focal point of this year’s ETH Shanghai Hackathon. Multiple teams built on top of trending concepts such as Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs) and decentralized identities (DID) .The projects covered a wide range of specific Web3 application scenarios, such as email, dating, messaging, crowdfunding, business scenarios, on-chain games, and more. It painted a s a robust future landscape for Web3 social.

The ETH Shanghai Web 3.0 Summit signaled the beginning of a new phase of impactful projects that would support the growth and development of Web 3.0, building an open and decentralized Web. We extend our congratulations to all winners of ETH Shanghai Hackathon 2022.

For more information about projects presented in the demo day, please follow the official ETH Shanghai Twitter @ETHShanghai2022.

Below are the winners of the hackathon. See project overview below.






KwilDB Cli database





Category Prizes

  • Best Decentralized Identity Project: Def Network
  • Best On-Chain Data Project: Web3 Shop
  • Best Access Control Project: TogethDAO
  • Best Web2-Web3 Bridge Project: Scam Sniffer
  • Best Social Gaming Project: Arche Network
  • Best Arweave Ecosystem Project: Kwildb-cli
  • Best Communication Project Award: XMTP-Lit

Final Round Project list

1. MetaMail (@MetaMailInk) (Gold Prize)

MetaMail ( is the web3 email provider. With MetaMail users use wallet/ENS as email address, and sign/encrypt to ensure the security. All those features are totally free. In EthShanghai, we are using knn3 for user recommendation, which use rss3’s follow relationship.


  • Wallet address/ ENS as email address: Use eth address/ENS as email address; Use wallet to log in your mailbox directly. Send and receive mails just like gmail or outlook. Totally free: 0 gas fees involved!
  • Sign every email you send digitally with your wallet — no more forged mails
  • Protect mail with p2p encryption: Mails sent and received by Metamail users could be optionally encrypted. Only the recipient has the private key to decrypt the mails, ensuring the ultimate security.
  • Compatible with other email eg. Gmail for Web2 users
  • Integrates CyberConnect, KNN3 (and RSS3), Next.ID

2. ETHchat

This is an addition to the existing XMTP chat app that allows you to filter your message inbox to only people you follow on CyberConnect. Additionally, you can follow people on CyberConnect directly from this app. This is the first step in creating the decentralized communication app with features such as encrypted group chats, public posting, p2p payments, token gating, web2 and web3 profile integration.

3. Art By City (@artbycity)

Art By City ( is a Web3 Art Curation Protocol.For this bounty, Art by City will be developing the first Art By City Node which will track engagement of art assets stored on Arweave through the Meson Network in order to reward creators.

Highlights: The artist actually own the data through arweave wallet. Art is remixed through participation with the protocol, we will be able to link art through contract addresses.

4. TogethDAO (@TogethDAO) (Best Access Control Project)

TogethDAO is a project allows users to pool their tokens together on a blockchain with lower tx fee, and buy a specific NFT or fungible tokens on Ethereum. Transaction fees take up a large cost; average cost for DAO is $200 + gas fees is 50. It moves the crowdfunding process to like Polygon (and eventually other chains) before transacting directly on Ethereum (this minimizes gas fees as opposed to existing solutions like Partybid. Users can create proposals to pool together crypto from others. The proposer can gain more rewards than his/her own contribution.

Highlights:users can create proposals, buy expensive nfts together. DAO members will be able to share information. In the future, when connected with more chains, it will be mutlichains.


People This organization has no public members. You must be a member to see who’s a part of this organization. Most…

5. Proof of soul

PoS is a permission-less Soulbound token issuing/attesting(minting) protocol. The highlight of proof of soul is that it is revocable (requires both parties’ consent). Viewable on OpenSEA upon minting. [POAP is focused on attendance, but SBT is focused on membership/citizenship]

ETH Shanghai 2022

ETH Shanghai 2022!

6. VokaAI (Bronze Prize)

VOKA is the embodiment of a new generation of Web 3.0 technologies. Not only are we capable of generating exclusive anime avatars through our proprietary AI technology; we can also use existing NFT PFPs to generate digital identities. Furthermore, we collaborate with some of the world’s top designers and clothing brands to create a variety of virtual outfits and sell them through the OpenSea platform. The application scenarios for your digital identities are boundless, including: video conferencing, webcasting, virtual social networking, and even web3 games. Let us enter the dawn of Web3 together and embark on a journey we can truly call our own.

7. Popula (@beepopula)

Popula ( is the infrastructure built on NEAR protocol devoted to the Web3 Community Economy which enables participants in the Creator Economy to build their internet reputation and monetise through creation and social engagement. For instance, one of their features allows content creators to create their content into an NFT within seconds. Popula also has a point system to set reward for community members accordingly to Incentivize the community to cobuild together.

8. CryptoIn

Web3 SocialFi in a professional way. It can be viewed as LinkedIn in crypto. People can post more professional contents via cryptoIn. Features include featured, following, mine and chats.


9. Tai Shang Soul Card

NonceGeek team builds SoulCard for the social needs of all communities in a distributed society (DeSoc) — The namecard on-chain that marks the identity of the soul’s community. Compared with the traditional personal information display such as LinkedIn homepage, SoulCard has the following features: Multi-page flipping SoulCard has higher information density and can be embedded within multiple social scenarios. Such as Mirror articles, Twitter, etc. DAO Owner verification is required when casting as NFT to ensure the trustworthiness of SoulCard through the mechanism. The information related to the skills recorded on SoulCard will be proved by SpeedRun records, Github PR records, etc. After the SoulCard owner joins the DAO, the SoulCard will have the information of the DAO he/she participated in, so that the owner’s community can be marked efficiently and clearly. SoulCard contains the Web3 footprint of its owner. Web3 Stacks we used for SoulCard: Arweave Network Store SoulCard on the Arweave blockchain network as an immutable page. Then mint the immutable SoulCard into an NFT on any Ethereum compatible network. Moonbeam Network DAO issues SoulCard NFT contract via Moonbeam Network. Users mint their SoulCards into SoulCard NFTs to get certified by the DAO.

Tai-Shang-Soul-Card/ at main · WeLightProject/Tai-Shang-Soul-Card

Introduction Show how demo works: Demo Online…

10. DAOU: maximize your social capital (Bronze Prize)

DAOU uses Soulbound Token and Social Oracle to convert your activity data in DAOs: users can check out Discord activity and participation, Forum Q&A, Github code contributions, DAO roles and connections into on-chain verifiable data on DAOU. Social Oracle refers to incentivizing members in the same DAO to sign and verify the data generated by DAO members, thus making these data more credible, and giving each member a score based on these data, this score will be the member Credit in DAO. The data verified by Social Oracle will be released to Soulbound Token by DAO, which can then be used externally. For example: Credit loan、Airdrops for Soulbound Token Holders、Prevent DDoS…

11. Defnetwork (@NetworkDef) (Best Decentralized Identity Project)

Def Network collects on-chain wallet behavior, like contract interactions, and token transactions, consolidate them into an easily understandable unified profile and labels, and then make that profile usable to other systems that might need it — like generate whitelist, build a SocialFi application or a marketing tool, etc. Data come from Ethereum etl.

12. Scam Sniffer (Best Web2-Web3 Bridge Project)

With the constant cases of Bluechip nft being hacked, scamsniffer ( is built to fight this evil force. The solution is a plugin built upon Mask Network which can help us against the scammers on Twitter. They have a detection logic to see if a tweet is potentially a scam — “free” “mint” “claim” will trigger an auto-check; to see if it is similar to an official project.

The use case: Once the plugin finds the tweets to be potentially scam/fishy, users will be alerted if the plugin is installed.

feat: add Scam Sniffer [ethshanghai] by lljxx1 · Pull Request #6336 · DimensionDev/Maskbook

Description A plugin which can help people against with the crypto scammers How it’s work…

13. Zksafebox

ZKSafebox is double security for assets, your private key and your password. With ZK-SNARK, the password is hidden. The contracts have no owner, no backend, that means ZKSafebox is running as a protocol. You can also deposit and withdraw tokens into/from the Safebox. If your private key is stolen, and they don’t have your password, they can’t steal the tokens from your safebox. If you lose your password, the social recovery function allows you to set up verified co-wallets that will be able to retrieve it (i.e. your other wallets or your friends’ wallets).

14. Web3shop (@Lab3_Web3Shop) (Best On-Chain Data Project)

Web3Shop is a Web3 Social E-Commerce platform to efficiently connect designers with NFT holders and enthusiasts inside communities. Our platform also enables users to be designers with their creativity and passions, creating new social relationships and injecting incentive models for social commerce. Through a closely social way between users and designers, we allow them to create products together and provide designers with a platform to upload designs, publish NFT smart contracts, and have their own web3 store. Web3shop will do away with the drawbacks of web2 e-commerce, returning benefits and power to users, and expanding social commerce by the network to capture growth. Two types of posts: social and design posts. Designers can upload their designs and manufacturers can buy the rights to manufacture these designs directly on Web3Shop.

Demo link:

15. Marry3 (@marryinweb3)


Video demo:

Marry3 ( is an on-chain Dapp and its core implements: Marry3 Certificate is based on the ERC721–520 standard, and an address can only have one Token. Marry3 smart contract and dapp can be viewed as an open social experimental project. It implements the logic of payment and multi-signature verification. The original idea behind originated from the thinking of the 0x address in Web3 as an aboriginal, and his project idea was based on thinking about the unhealthy status quo of the Web3 ecology. The last solution turns out to be a non-transferable nft, non-transferable, and pair-bound NFT, which perfectly fits the idea of ​​SBTs (soulbound token).

How it works:

Similar to actual proposals, someone can make a proposal on Marry3 using his/her wallet, and if the proposed person accepts, an SBT (or a ‘forever NFT’) in the form of a marry3 certificate is minted.

16. Arche– No more need to trust everyone, check the truth by arche (@Arche_Network) (Best Social Gaming Project)

Arche is a community oriented space for game enthusiasts for a better Web 3.0 experience. With the aim to bring good Web3 games to people and bridge the connection amongst GameFi players, users can enjoy, earn, create, govern and assemble those to build a better game Metaverse and society. With Arche, users will be able to view other gamers’ badges, whitelists, friends, states, investments, token claimed, game assets.

17. RomaN-Date

RomaN ( is a SocialFi dating dApp, prepaid, pay and earn by LIKE, built with trust, transparency and honesty in mind. The blockchain and the sponsored protocols come with brilliant solutions to leverage the web2 dating industry with content, interoperability and incentives. Similar to dating apps like Tinder, users can create a profile with their wallet, then begin looking through Web3 profiles and can choose to ‘like’ or ‘discard’. When both parties like each other’s profile, a match will be created, and both parties can then start chatting with each other.

18. Starlight Social -s hare, secure, stake, reward

Starlight social is a Social DApp that has been built to enable users to share photos and stories on Moonbeam. It is designed to take advantage of the exclusive pre-complies on moonbeam to deliver a new kind of social experience that keeps the protocols secure. Starlight social works by allowing users to share media and get rewarded for their efforts. At the same time the value users bring is staked using the exclusive moonbeam staking pre-compiles enabling users to gain collective benefits as they share social media with each other.

19. KwilDB Cli database (Silver prize)

& Best Arweave Ecosystem Project)

Kwil Database is an Interactive Terminal, Command-Line Client, and Database Import Tool. As a production-grade terminal client for kwil database, It is trying to bring SQL developers into Web3 seamlessly.


Shorum is a Web3 social payment platform. Project initiator will be able to create project profile and get contributors via the platform. Funds and rewards will be contributed through shorum with backers. By Analyzing the social graph, Shorum is able to pull out the address to send out the invitation for potential contributors.

Demo app:(Please switch to Polygon mainnet to access to the demo app)

21. (@Web3HackerNinja)


Video demo:

Web3 NFT. social is a social Platform. Main features include Linktree like homepage for every

wallet address that user can: Follow and unfollow, Chat with other wallet address. Chat system have a full functions filter logic that support CyberConnect data and wallet address’ onChain data. Anyone can create a NFT marketplace without code to earn exchange fee.

22. XMTP-Lit (The darkrai07) (Best Communication Project Award)

XMTP-Lit is a built-in message application using XMTP and CyberConnect, user can send message to others using the application. XMTP-Lit also enables users to add friends and filter messages from friends using wallet address.

23. Fraction Interface [Did not present]

Fraction is a protocol that allow users to earn on a particular asset, the ability to wrap an asset (usually a stablecoin) to an ERC1155 and earn yield in form of superfluid streams of a custom token. We also offer the ability to mint a soulbound nft that bound users to their assets and login with their domain names as proof of humanity to earn them more interests in the reward streams of our ERC20 token.

24. Superfluid AddressBook [Did not present]

The project Integrate the Ceramic addressBook datamodel into Superfluid.

This is an dashboard integration into superfluids console, the dashboard allows users greater control over their ceramic address books.

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