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August 29, 2022

Gitcoin Grants Round 6


$175K in matching. Contribute today! Welcome, Gitcoiners, to the 6th round of Gitcoin Grants. We hope you like the makeover!

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$175K in matching. Contribute today!

Welcome, Gitcoiners, to the 6th round of Gitcoin Grants. We hope you like the makeover!

Your contributions to these projects are eligible for $175K in matching donations over the next 2+ weeks. Contribute to make your voice heard!

In Gitcoin Grants Round 5, we raised a total of $492K amongst Ethereum tech, Ethereum media and COVID projects. This was our largest round ever, accounting for almost half of the $1.2MM we’ve raised in the last year.

As Vitalik explains in his detailed retrospective, grants on Gitcoin are making steps towards the maturity stage. We’re beginning to see projects that consistently create value for the Ethereum community, earn trust and truly consistent funds to continue and grow heir mission.

Grants Round 5 also marked our first exploration into initiatives beyond Ethereum, through our health projects. It was definitely a leap we strongly believed in and the results were definitely encouraging. This continues in Round 6 with Crypto For Black Lives.

We hope, with your help, Gitcoin Grants Round 6 will be better than ever.

Enter Gitcoin Grants Round 6

Starting June 15th, all the way to July 3rd, we’re hosting Grants Round 6, with a total funding pool of $175k.

So here’s what’s coming up, in a grant near you: 3 matching pools for grantees within these 3 categories.

  • Ethereum Tech: $100,000 to support Ethereum infrastructure projects – ETH 2.0, decentralized finance (DeFi), crypto wallets and the ever important UX
  • Ethereum Media & Community: $50,000 to support media, community, and marketing projects
  • Crypto For Black Lives: $25,000 to support initiatives regarding education, policy change, and funding against systemic racism and for continued growth in African American communities.

As always, all donations will be matched using the quadratic matching formula, which prioritizes individual voices over dollars. This means that a $1 donation can result in matches of 40-50x or even more if many others also donate just $1.

A Whole New World: Bulk Checkout (!) & Moore

The Gitcoin Grants site has gotten a fresh makeover which we can’t wait for you to see. Aside from a slick new overall UI, the biggest new feature is ‘bulk checkout’ which lets you add all the grants you’d like to contribute to into a cart and make one transactionto contribute to them all!

Here’s a full list of features we’re testing for this round: we’d love your feedback if you see anything else we can improve.

  • Grants Bulk Checkout – AKA “Cart for good”. Contribute to all the grants that you believe in, all in one go.
  • Easy Re-contributions – Your favorite projects from previous rounds can now be added in bulk to your “Cart for good”, so you can commit your support in one sweeping donation. Less effort, more impact.
  • Improved Grant Identity– SMS Verification, in addition to Github verification. Doing so provides a bonus on your CLR match by increasing your security in the Gitcoin identity system!
  • Remove Negative Voting – No negative voting in Round 6. We may revisit in future rounds.

Enjoy Gitcoin Grants Round 6

We’ve all been through a lot lately and this year has highlighted, even more than expected, the power of communities around the world – the power to heal, the power to change, the power to nurture.

We hope Gitcoin Grants offers you a chance to connect with projects you appreciate, to give back, and to receive thanks for what you’ve done. Get involved in Grants Round 6 and let’s all grow better, together. 🌳

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