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January 23, 2023

Gitcoin Outstanding Steward Award

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Gitcoin is pleased to announce the winners of the “Outstanding Steward Award” for 2022

Gitcoin is pleased to announce the winners of the “Outstanding Steward Award” for 2022

Gitcoin recognizes that governance is an ongoing challenge to equitably meet the demands of different stakeholder groups. Our attempt to arbitrate and decentralize is through the creation of the Gitcoin Stewards. This starting point allows us to bring in ideas and oversight from external stakeholders while holding tension with internal contributors.

The Gitcoin Stewards are a volunteer collection of GTC holders, investors, contributors, grantees, grantors, and enthusiastic fans of public goods who believe in the Gitcoin Mission to build and fund digital public goods.

Each year this diverse group of delegates collectively contribute hundreds of hours in reading and commenting on forum posts, reviewing and commenting on budgets, participating in lively discord conversations, listening to weekly and monthly calls as well as faithfully representing those who delegate their GTC governance votes to them.

This year, we want to thank our Stewards and recognize those who have gone “above and beyond” by issuing specially made POAPs.

The selection criteria were difficult. In the end we decided to use the base “steward health score” which is an algorithm designed to weigh forum participation, participation in elections, and level of contribution to Gitcoin. To normalize longevity, we also added in “time as a steward” into the algorithm to recognize participation over time.

This year's "outstanding award" go to the following winners:

  1. disruptionjoe.eth
  2. kbw.eth
  3. epowell101.eth
  4. ZER8
  5. jodicee.eth
  6. kris.eth
  7. bobjiang.eth
  8. lindajxie.eth
  9. nategosselin.eth
  10. lefteris.eth

Looking to 2023, we will continue to refine the Gitcoin Steward Health Score and along with our partners at Karma, Gitcoin intends to continue to work for better engagement, visibility, and accountability for Web3 delegation. We are currently optimizing these scores here, where you can find the top 10 scores as they change daily.

At Gitcoin we recognize decentralization, Steward and community engagement, and holding tension between stakeholders is a journey. We look at 2022 as our starting point and we count on these and future Gitcoin Stewards to help Gitcoin to build and fund digital public goods.

If you would like to get involved in Gitcoin or potentially become a Gitcoin Steward - we welcome you to join us here.

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Media contact: or @shawnlgrubb (Twitter)

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