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We hope you’ve had a great start to 2020! We’re throwing it back with a retro of our final hackathon of 2019. During the Global Communities Virtual Hackathon, the goal was to build on our past successes made possible by the Gitcoin community. And to celebrate the hard work put in this year, we decided to offer up more than the usual prizes. In partnership with the BUIDL Network, we held a series of global in-person meetups and introduced the Community Choice Award for…

We hope you’ve had a great start to 2020! We’re throwing it back with a retro of our final hackathon of 2019. During the Global Communities Virtual Hackathon, the goal was to build on our past successes made possible by the Gitcoin community. And to celebrate the hard work put in this year, we decided to offer up more than the usual prizes. In partnership with the BUIDL Network, we held a series of global in-person meetups and introduced the Community Choice Award for the best-voted project within our hacker ranks.

In retrospect, we want to thank everyone that participated in the event and to recap the winning projects made possible by our sponsors.

The Global Communities Hackathon was a great success! By the numbers, there were:

  • $21K+ in Prizes (*at December 2019 ETH prices)
  • 7 sponsors
  • 28 bounties
  • An average bounty size of $750, with prizes ranging from 20 DAI to 20 ETH
  • 88 “start works”
  • 55 submissions from hacker teams

From the broadest prizes to the narrowest, see below how our sponsors and hackers worked together and grew open source. Congrats to not only the winners but also to all participants!

Hashing Systems

First up is our lead sponsor Hashing Systems, an organization working to provide the developer community with access to Hedera Hashgraph. By building infrastructure that automates the development stages specific to Hedera Hashgraph, Hashing Systems aims to make creating with Hedera easy.

Create a Library to Connect Dragonglass with Composer

The aim of this bounty was to create a library connecting Dragonglass with the MetaMask-like extension Composer. The hacker was also required to post a technical article explaining how to use it. Congrats to our long-time hacker @nanspro for completing the library and taking home the $500 HBAR prize! You can view the submission here for those of you who are curious to learn more.

Create a Cross EVM ERC-20 Token Transaction Solution

Since Hedera’s token HBAR lives on its own network, it was not previously compatible with Ethereum. The goal of this bounty was to create a way for Ethereum developers to use their HBAR as a wrapped ERC-20 token.

Once again this implementation was completed by @nanspro, winning $1200 more in HBAR. You can check out the project here, we hope to see this functionality on mainnet soon!

Create a Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized exchanges provide a safer way to trade digital assets between multiple parties – without relying on a centralized asset custodian. This challenge was focused on building a decentralized exchange with a user-friendly interface on the Hedera network.

And the winner is @hammadtq, snagging $1,000 in HBAR! You can learn more about the project here and watch a demo video here.

Create an NFT Sales Page for Game Assets

If you know the popular CryptoKitties game, or own any Gitcoin Kudos, you know non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In this challenge, hackers were to develop an NFT sales page for Hedera for a $600 prize. This new market would provide game developers with a fundraising mechanism through game asset sales. Congrats to @brianspha for his work on NFT-Shop! We can’t wait to see this implementation go live.

Create a Tutorial for Developers to Use Composer Functionality with ReactJS

Composer is an important component of using an application based on Hedera Hashgraph. This bounty focused on writing a post outlining how to use an application built with Composer and ReactJS. Congrats to @man-jain for completing the post and winning $200 in HBAR!

Create a Tutorial for Developers to Get Started Deploying a Contract Using Console

You’ve likely already deployed a contract on Ethereum using Remix. But if you’re looking to create and manage contacts from your web browser on Hedera Hashgraph, you’ll need to use Console. For this bounty, Hashing Systems asked hackers to create a tutorial on how to deploy and test a smart contract using Console. @ivanmolto won the $120 prize for completing this tutorial! Developers can now use his guide to create contracts on Hedera.

Create an Embeddable Tip Bot Using Account IDs, HNS, and Github Pages

This bounty asked hackers to create an embeddable tip bot. The bot needed to integrate with a website hosted on Github pages while also transferring funds to an HNS domain string or account ID. @Man-jain is our main man once again, and now an HBAR whale with his third winning submission Hedera Pay Widget!

Consensys Labs

Our long-time partner Consensys Labs always tasks hackers with growing the Ethereum community by providing better tooling for developers or improving the current UX. This time around, their bounties focused on UX.

Build And Validate Your Open Finance Company

This bounty was won by DefiTransacts, created by @sachinmittal and @man-jain. The project aims to provide users with an easy way to use different DeFi protocols without having to interact with them directly.

As shown above, users can select their level of familiarity with DeFi to start the process. After making their selection, a custom MetaMask plugin takes over to invest their funds in the most profitable protocol. Check out the full demo video here.

Congrats to the team for easing the challenges associated with onboarding new users and taking home 20 ETH!

Create Infrastructure and Dev-Tooling Products: DAOOps

Over five years ago, Ethereum founder Vitalik released a paper exploring the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization. In the years since there have been several implementations released on mainnet but less progress has been made on improving the DAO user experience.

This bounty challenged users to build vertical-specific dev-tooling and infrastructure plays, with an eye on verticals such as DeFi, DAOs, Contract Diligence, Gaming, and No-Code dApps. The 20 ETH prize was won with DAOOps, created by the Abridged team, facilitating the creation of a DAO proposal using only the Telegram app on a smartphone! Check out the video demo here.

As you can see, users can create a proposal, view members of a DAO, vote on different proposals, and access several other functions without having to use a desktop computer. You can see the demo video here.

UX Best-in-show: DeFi Onboard

Who enjoys using a product with a bad UX? Unfortunately, many products in the ecosystem fail to prioritize the end-user when building products. This bounty was open to any projects built for Global Communities and was awarded to whoever made the most compelling case for their project with users testing + testimonials, a prototype and a video demo.

DeFi Onboard, made by @viraja1, won the 7 ETH prize. The project simplifies new user DeFi onboarding by allowing users to log in with their existing Google or Facebook account. The user then earns interest in using those accounts – all without the use of MetaMask to interact with the protocol. You can try it out here!

UX + Open Finance Experiment: Several Winners

As you know, Consensys Labs is always exploring new possibilities with our hacker community. In this bounty, the company asked hackers to get creative with projects in the open finance ecosystem without compromising the UX.

Congrats to @owans, @viraja1, @kadenzipfel, and @man-jain – thank you for your contributions!

Consensys Grants

The Consensys Grants initiative is a fundraising option for those launching new projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. These grants are diverse and have been deployed in fields such as infrastructure tooling, education, and security.

For this hackathon, ConsenSys Grants was looking to support projects that benefit the wider Ethereum ecosystem – not just a single entity. The winning project not only won a 1000 DAI prize but also a fast-tracked application towards a future grant.

Tea Party, built by our long-time hacker @crisgarner, is a project that makes communities sustainable with a no-loss membership.

By using the system, users can stake DAI to a contract, which then converts DAI into CHAI. The ERC20 CHAI token allows users to earn interest on DAI without locking it into the DAI Savings Rate. The interest earned during the so-called “Tea Party” is then sent to the beneficiary. Chec out a demo of the project here. Again, congrats to Cristian for building this innovative platform!


3Box is developing a decentralized identity solution that users can access from conventional (centralized) and blockchain-based apps. In building on the ethos of Web3, 3Box offers a decentralized identity cloud storage layer that allows developers to save identity information outside of “big-tech” stacks.

Backup Gitcoin Profiles to 3Box

The first bounty challenged hackers to integrate 3Box into Gitcoin. If you’re here, you most likely have a Gitcoin account. If you’re looking to take control of your data on the Gitcoin platform, the solution from @zoek1 allows you to do just that. The project allows users to backup their Gitcoin data including their contribution history and profile information to their 3Box account. Users can also take this information to other platforms without having to establish a separate contribution history. Zoek took home 1000 DAI for this project!

Add Likes to Messages in 3Box Chatbox

If you’ve ever used the chatbox plugin, you may have noticed that it was once missing an important social feature – the ability to like a message. Not after this bounty!

Congrats to @tiramisu77 for winning 350 DAI by implementing this feature, effectively enhancing the sociability of the platform. You view the submission here and can try the demo here.

Improve 3Box Comments Plugin

Similar to the previous challenge, this bounty focused on improving the usability and engagement of the 3Box comment plugin. You’ll notice that the comment plugin now generates more social engagement by featuring replies, reaction emojis, upvotes, and downvotes.

Check out the demo of this project from the 900 DAI winner @think-in-universe!

Ethereum Foundation

You might’ve noticed the Ethereum Foundation is redesigning its website to reflect its role as the primary online resource for the Ethereum community. During this process, the foundation asked for hacker assistance to solve website issues – effectively engaging the next cohort of global Ethereum developers.

Add Czech and Portuguese Translations to the Website

These challenges asked hackers to add the Czech and Portuguese (Brazilian) website translation to the repository – and @antodp was successful in both, earning 200 DAI! Now you can direct your Czech and Brazilian friends to the new website to learn more about Ethereum.

Add Explicit Heading IDs

This challenge was focused on adding explicit heading IDs to all English website pages, making it easier to support language translations. Congrats to @codinmaster for completing this task in less than one day!

Close Nav Dropdown on Select

This bounty aimed to improve the dropdown navigation menu when the mouse hovers away. Thanks to @mul53, we can now navigate the Ethereum website flawlessly.

Adjust Site Layout Properly for XL Screens

The last challenge asked to improve the website rendering on XL screens. Although many submissions were received, only one could win. Congrats to @sesamestrong for taking the 50 DAI prize!


Have you ever organized a free meetup event only to have most people no-show? Maybe you’ve missed out on a seemingly full meetup that no one ends up attending. Meet Kickback, the future of event handling. The platform aims to increase the probability that people will attend an event by requiring them to stake their own money – a deposit if you will.

Send Commitment Back to Attendees

If you’ve ever been to a Kickback event, you likely know that all participants must withdraw their commitment. As one of the biggest flaws of the KickBack user experience, the company was keen to have our hackers automate the process in this bounty. Congrats to @antodp for completing the challenge in just two days and earning 300 DAI!

Send And Withdraw

Kickback asked that a feature be implemented in their smart contract to facilitate donations across multiple addresses with different amounts. Thanks again to our familiar hacker @antodp for finding the solution! Put that 200 DAI to good use.

Donation Feature

Another challenge, another submission! Kickback asked hackers to develop a front-end feature for handling donations. While the submission wasn’t fully complete, partial completion resulted in partial payment to @erib3!

Call for Marketing Ideas

This bounty called on the Gitcoin community to come up with ways to make the EthDenver side events engaging using KickBack and OrochiDAO. @nukemandan took the 50 DAI prize home with his multitude of awesome ideas.

Call for UX Ideas

A common problem in the Ethereum ecosystem is that onboarding new users can be a significant hurdle to adoption. That’s why KickBack needed hacker help to improve the experience for those completely new to the crypto space. Congratulations to @hammadtq for winning the 200 DAI prize, check out his submission here!


WalletConnect integrates desktop DApps and mobile wallets using a QR code to establish the initial connection. Unlike MetaMask, WalletConnect users do not have to install a browser extension to access the Ethereum network.

WalletConnect Truffle Integration

Many of you have already developed smart contracts using Truffle. However, this challenge offered up the possibility of using a scannable QR code displayed on the CLI to access mobile wallets. What does this mean? No need to expose the seed phrase or private key. Congratulations to @aquiladev for exploring this issue successfully and winning over 8 ETH, see the work here!


Tutorial Or Script On Setting Up Your Validator Node

Matic’s one and only bounty in Global Communities challenged users to create a video tutorial or installation script for setting up a Matic Validator Node and syncing it with the Stage 0 (of Counter Stake) public testnet.

Gitcoin user @codinmaster took home the 1st place prize of 300 DAI with this step by step video tutorial he posted to youtube. If you ever wanted to start validating for Matic, you now have no excuse not to!

Gitcoin Community Award Prize

Many different projects were submitted during the hackathon and all qualified for the community prize. However, we wanted to do something new and special, so we left it up to fellow hackers to decide the winners – check out the results!


This solution made by @pakokrew is a simple platform that allows users to seamlessly exchange crypto to fiat and deposit it directly into a bank account.

All the major Web3 wallets are compatible with the app and thanks to Bity, you can receive funds in your bank account. The best part – users can withdraw up to €5000 per year before KYC requirements kick in. This project won 1000 DAI thanks to our community’s input. Read more about this exciting project here, and you can even test it out yourself!

Hedera DEX

Created by @hammadtq, Hedera DEX is a decentralized exchange for Hedera Hashgraph. The app can be hosted with IPFS if you want to bolster decentralization. To interact with the DEX, users can employ the Composer extension that interacts with the Hedera network similar to MetaMask.

Check out the demo video if you’d like to see more. For second place, Hammad earned himself 500 DAI due to your votes!

That’s a Wrap!

The caliber of work coming from the Global Communities Hackathon has us excited about the future! Our mission to grow open source is validated by the successful implementations we see via hackathons. Congrats to all winners and participants, we truly have a talented global community of developers.

We’re happy to run these events to support the Ethereum ecosystem. After all, every winning project sets the stage for future successes – they build on a continuously evolving foundation.

Are you ready to continue to learn and earn with the Gitcoin community? Check out the many upcoming hackathons we have planned for 2020. We’ll see you soon in Gitcoin Chat!

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