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August 29, 2022

Matic + Gitcoin Build-n-Earn Round 2

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We are happy to announce Round 2 of the very successful Matic Build-n-earn commencing today, with $50k in CLR matching.

We are happy to announce Round 2 of the very successful Matic Build-n-earncommencing today, with $50k in CLR matching.

Matic Build-n-Earn received an incredible response from the Gitcoin community. 38 teams registered to take part in Build-n-Earn Round 1, of which 19 met the eligibility criteria for grants and fundraising via community voting.

The teams gained valuable exposure to the community via a series of campaigns, received technical assistance from the Matic dev team, and raised a total of $53,110 to fund their development!

Read the full recap of Build-n-Earn Round 1 here

Now we’re excited to announce: we’re doing it all again!

If you are a project building on Matic, register your dApp here.

What is Build-n-Earn?

Build-n-Earn is a monthly recurring incentive program designed to support the OSScommunity’s ventures into Ethereum transactions development and scalability, through grants offered by Matic’s passionate team. These grants will support developers through the development and maintenance stage of their decentralized application.

How does the program work?

Dapps submitted through the Build-n-Earn program are evaluated through a process of consensus between the Matic team and Gitcoin’s community voting.

Matic will put forward a monthly fund of $50,000 to be distributed among the winning dApp teams. 30% of the funds will be reserved by Matic for the matching pool within the quadratic funding offered by Gitcoin, while 70% will be allocated by a set of reviewers designated by the Matic team based on their pre-defined parameters

What type of dApps are eligible for Build-n-Earn?

Matic focuses on simplifying the interaction between users and the decentralized world. They’re looking for ideas that will make interacting with the decentralized ecosystem so easy that anyone can do it without worrying about the complexity of the system.

From wallets to gaming networks, any idea that would make Ethereum transactions a leaner and more accessible experience, is eligible for Matic’s monthly funding. The only condition is that the dApp is developed on the Matic network, which has a full blown EVM support. They like to say if you are an Ethereum Developer, you already know Matic 😉

Who can apply for Matic’s program?

As long as you have a decentralized application built on Matic, the answer is anybody can! If your application is currently on Ethereum or some other blockchain, don’t worry – you can easily use Matic as it has full EVM support and discover their high-performance, low-fee infrastructure.

Their team will help you make this transition quick and painless. Register here.

Where do I start?

Read all about Matic’s plan to bring more dApps into the space, get familiar with the Matic Network and join their Tribe or their Discord for more discussions. Then gather your team, get your dApp ready for evaluation and submit your work through Matic’s dedicated grants on Gitcoin 🤞


What if I want to run a similar program for my ecosystem?

At Gitcoin, we’re excited to partner with Matic on an innovative model for their ecosystem’s growth. The success of the Gitcoin CLR Rounds (1-6) has us excited for more communities to experiment with incentivizing the growth of their specific communities — and Matic is leading the charge by using a combined CLR + internal community approach to allocate $50K, monthly.

Building a community where you want to support builders in your ecosystem? Consider joining Matic as a leader in providing funding for projects adding value to your community. Reach out here to learn more.

If you are a project building on Matic, register your dApp here. Let’s grow open source, together!

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