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October 10, 2023

Rewarding the Community - Gitcoin Citizens Round #2

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Key info:

  • Donations: October 10th to October 24th 
  • Matching Pool: 22.2k GTC
  • Chain: Public Goods Network (PGN)
  • Focus: New or ongoing work, allowing retroactive funding

After our highly successful initial round, which was fully retroactive and remains the most successful crowdfunding round to date, boasting an unprecedented matching pool multiplier that quadrupled the available matching funds through donations, we are now gearing up for the next phase. Our focus for this second edition will be both new and ongoing initiatives.

With the Gitcoin Citizen Rounds, we are starting a tradition to not just reward the many great projects out there but to celebrate the people who rarely get any time in the spotlight. We’re zooming in on the bridge builders, educators, dune wizard, communicators, the unsung heroes.

Through our rounds we aim to specifically reward the people directly impacting Gitcoin’s success to achieve its long-term mission: empowering communities to build, fund and protect what matters to them.  For example, we have a number of great submissions in the areas of educational content, governance, operations, data analysis and support. We’re eagerly awaiting the community’s response to this second round.  

In our second round we want to support individuals running new or ongoing projects, and address vital ecosystem needs as expressed by the DAO and our community. Why are we doing this? We’ve seen evidence that QF’s aggregated community sentiment can be a leading indicator for future success. We’re also exploring whether proactive funding has a more positive impact on communities compared to retroactive support, even though retroactive impact measurement is easier. Many individuals face financial barriers to making an impact without initial support.

For the first time ever, our matching pool funding will be paid out in GTC, Gitcoin’s native token, and the round is live on PGN, the Public Goods Network.  

Our round starts today, but we continue to welcome applications throughout our round. 

To learn more about the past, present, and future of the Citizens Round, read our Round #2 launch post

Donate today, and let’s Fund what Matters.

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