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Supporting Public Goods Network: The Chain with Purpose

PGN, a highly composable EVM compatible rollup, channels the majority of sequencer fees towards public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond.

At Gitcoin, we're constantly exploring innovative mechanisms to support and distribute funding for public goods. Introducing the Public Goods Network (PGN): The Chain with Purpose. 

We are thrilled to be among the initial supporters of PGN—a new L2 OP Chain with the vast majority of net sequencer fees going back to supporting public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. Imagine a future where public goods funding is abundant, recurring, and allocated by those deeply aligned with our collective goal of building and funding public goods indefinitely. PGN strives to create this world—a network, an alliance and a solution for our ecosystem.

PGN, is a highly composable EVM compatible rollup, and together with prominent advocates like Protocol Guild, Public Nouns,, Giveth, Hypercerts, Protocol Labs, Octant, Eco and Hedgey, we're working towards a future where public goods are abundantly funded. 

PGN itself serves as a digital rallying point for those who want to support public goods at large. Developers and public goods champions can leverage PGN's blockspace, automatically contributing to the network's success without additional financial commitments. 

Through Contract Secured Revenue, projects can even receive revenue directly via sequencer fees, aligning incentives between PGN and developers building on top of it. 

Here's what you need to know about PGN:

  • Deployment and Infrastructure: PGN is ready to go, equipped with bridging, transaction view, block explorer and core infrastructure. Builders, take note!
  • Fee Allocation and Experimentation: After six months, fees will be assessed and allocated based on cumulative data. Organizations can join the alliance to collaboratively determine sequencer fee distribution.
  • Commitment and Experiment Duration: This is a minimum two-year experiment, with partners committing to running dApps on PGN to support public goods funding. We invite others to join us in this commitment.

The Public Goods Network will be a public good itself. Developers and champions can fill blockspace on PGN, fueling the objective of growing and funding public goods. No additional financial commitments required.

We firmly believe that sustainable public goods funding requires collaboration. By uniting forces and leveraging PGN, we can amplify our impact and ensure a brighter future for public goods initiatives.

For more information on how to get involved or deploy on PGN, visit

Public Goods are Good. Together, we can make them great.

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