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Announcing: The Arbitrum Grants Fest on Gitcoin Grants Stack

The Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest is the second Arbitrum grants program launched in partnership with Gitcoin, and the first grant program to use Gitcoin’s @grantsstack on the Arbitrum One blockchain. That means everyone in the Arbitrum ecosystem can now create and run rounds, and also create and fund projects ー all on-chain!

Application period: September 11 – September 19
Funding round: September 19 - September 30
Total funding: 101k $ARB

What is this partnership about?

The aim of this partnership between Arbitrum and Gitcoin is to explore and create more democratic and bottom-up ways of funding projects in the ecosystem. The first phase was the Domain Round and the second is the Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest.

In the Domain Round, the Arbitrum and web3 community helped us allocate 100k DAI to five matching pools representing five strategic grant domains within the Arbitrum ecosystem via Quadratic Funding (QF)*. Over 800 people donated, of which 420 were $ARB holders.

The purpose of this round was for the community to decide which domains need to be funded the most. Now, we will decide together via QF how to distribute each of those funding pools to the builders, innovators and educators of the Arbitrum ecosystem through the Grant Funding Fest

The goal is to enable and empower the Arbitrum DAO to grow a sustainable, bottom-up and plural ecosystem in which everyone can contribute, either through building or donating. With these rounds, we’ve opened up the grant funding decision making process to the collective intelligence of the Arbitrum community.

This effort is part of AIP 3, an Arbitrum governance proposal that passed and is dedicated to creating a plural grant framework for the Arbitrum DAO. PL labs is the first organization to empower a huge web3 ecosystem like Arbitrum with a novel use case for Gitcoin’s Grants Stack. The best part is that now everyone can also use this approach if they want to create an organic grant funding program for their ecosystem.

How does the Arbitrum on Gitcoin Grant Funding Fest work?

This program is comprised of four grants rounds, each with its own matching pool (which was determined through the results of the Domain Round):

💡 New protocol ideas: 50k $ARB

💻 Developer tooling: 24k $ARB

🎮 Gaming: 14.5k $ARB

📚 Education, community growth & events: 12.5k $ARB

*The Open Round will be treated separately in November

Builders apply with their projects and if approved will get a part of the matching pool. Donors are amazing individuals who, by supporting projects, determine the allocation of funding from the matching pools to each project through QF. View eligibility requirements for grant applicants.

About the rounds

New Protocol Ideas

$50k $ARB Matching Pool

This round focuses on supporting people or organizations that want to take Arbitrum to the next level. The goal is to encourage and support more contributors to propose and run experiments for improving the Arbitrum protocol and also develop novel protocol ideas on Arbitrum.

Developer Tooling on Nova

$24k $ARB Matching Pool
This round is all about supporting the amazing devs that build developer tooling on Nova. Your skills can help the future builders of the Arbitrum ecosystem by building tools that cater to its growing user base.


$14.5k $ARB Matching Pool
This round is all about supporting builders to create innovative games and gaming experiences within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Gaming is an effective and fun way to help onboard new users to the ecosystem.

Education, Community Growth & Events

$12.5k $ARB Matching Pool
This round focuses on the creators that educate, grow and organize events for the Arbitrum community.

Please try to apply by September 19th at and/or get ready to support others.

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