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August 29, 2022

The ETHBot/Moloch Statue Auctions are live!

Lifted straight from the pages of Gitcoin’s ETH-Bot vs. Moloch, Anon vs. Moloch, and The Greatest LARP comes this highly limited series of 3D printed statues! 

Lifted straight from the pages of Gitcoin’s ETH-Bot vs. Moloch, Anon vs. Moloch, and The Greatest LARP comes this highly limited series of 3D printed statues!

Based on the designs by Blaylock Comics’ own Matt Merhoff, Each statue is 3D printed, sanded, and hand-painted to order by the Blaylock Comics team (the same studio that produced the comic books – including artists Glyph Sputnik and Tom Molloy) , to be delivered one month following the Gitcoin Public Goods raise. Only five of each statue will be produced!

Each ETH-Bot statue will stand at 12” x 15” in width! Moloch stands eye to eye with ETH-Bot at 12”, and a width of 10” of pure muscle.

Blaylock Comics is the not-so-secret laboratory of veteran comic book creator Josh Blaylock. A creative production powerhouse with a highly skilled team of professionals with centuries of experience in the comic book world and all surrounding fandom.

Blaylock Comics projects and partners, both past and present, include Trailer Park Boys, Gitcoin, G.I. Joe vs. Transformers, Punks Comics NFTs, Pacifico Beer,Child’s Play, Voltron, Street Fighter, Milo Ventimiglia, Family Guy, Sony Pictures, the guy who wrote Die Hard, Paramount Pictures, Alice In Chains, System of a Down, Murs, G.O.O.D. Music, Coke Zero, Troma Films, Mike Relm, and George R.R. Martin just to name a few.

Check out the behind the scenes videos of the production here.

Check out the Auctions at

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