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August 29, 2022

Unlocking WEB3 for the Arts and Culture Hackathon

  May 25th, 2022 – June 25, 2022 Click HERE to register for Unlocking Web 3 for the Arts and Culture Event (“WAC”)! Join the Discord Channel to connect with participants & sponsors! RSVP to workshop schedule: Link Tezos has partnered with Gitcoin for an exclusive hackathon event within WAC. The WAC Lab (Web3 for Arts and Culture), powered by the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain will run an exciting month-long hackathon, hosted on Gitcoin. The event will run…

May 25th, 2022 – June 25, 2022

Click HERE to register for Unlocking Web 3 for the Arts and Culture Event (“WAC”)!

Join the Discord Channel to connect with participants & sponsors!

RSVP to workshop schedule: Link

Tezos has partnered with Gitcoin for an exclusive hackathon event within WAC.

The WAC Lab (Web3 for Arts and Culture), powered by the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain will run an exciting month-long hackathon, hosted on Gitcoin. The event will run from May 25th to June 25th, showcasing 5 bounties with a total prize pool of $50k in tez. The WAC fellowship is an 8-week fellowship program called WAC (Web3 for Arts and Culture) and it features 8 established art and culture institutions learning how to incorporate web3 technologies.

Inspired by the new use cases identified during the program, the five bounties will explore beyond drops and collectibles to create an open-source proof of concepts on the Tezos blockchain. The discussion will revolve around on-site web3 interaction, NFT ticketing, tokenomics for a curation DAO, web3 integration in virtual spaces, and much more. Bounties are open to ALL to submit entries, technical knowledge is not required. The projectsubmission deadline is on June 25, 2022!

The two primary goals of this fellowship are to 1) onboard cultural institutions in Web3 and identify new use cases, and 2) provide an open-source template for other museums, festivals, and more to build their own future. The fellows imagine different decentralized future scenarios for the arts & culture sector through a UNESCO-backed futures literacy lab hosted by the MOTI Foundation. The WAC has been engineered by We Are Museums, an international community of museum professionals, and TZ Connect, a Berlin-based team dedicated to advancing the Tezos ecosystem, in collaboration with Blockchain Art Directory 2.0.

The Fellows participating in this event are as follows:

BeFantastic (India) is a techart platform that originated in Bangalore, India in 2017. It envisions a positive, sustainable future leveraging creative tech. It provides an international Fellowship program – CoLab, open public Dialogs on the state of technology and arts as well as a public showcasing festival. BeFantastic convenes and engages a vibrant international community of techart creators and experts to push the boundaries of technology and the arts.

C/O Berlin (Germany) is an exhibition space for photography and visual media. As a nonprofit organization, C/O Berlin presents works by respected artists, supports emerging talents, and welcomes everyone to discover a contemporary visual culture. As a place to exchange new ideas, C/O Berlin organizes Artist Talks, Panel Discussions, Film Screenings, and guided tours, offering visitors a place to exchange thoughts on the exhibition program and engage in current debates on visual culture.

Light Art Space Foundation (Germany) commissions experimental projects, both physical and digital, in unconventional spaces. LAS is dedicated to future thinking and light is the foundation’s guiding principle – a symbol of imagination, discovery, and innovation. Light is a leitmotif for the programme that features contemporary, pioneering, and emerging artists involved in a variety of events, exhibitions, publications, and digital projects.

NXTMuseum (The Netherlands)is built specifically to explore new media art; art that expands technical possibilities and applications, is dynamic and unbound by form and that generates movement whether physical, mental or emotional. The space provides all the ingredients for these progressive art forms to grow, flourish and evolve. Nxt Museum is a place where creatives bring their visions to life. It’s their mission to facilitate new and next iterations of creative expression.

Octobre Numérique (France) an event at the crossroads of video games, arts, blockchain, and metaverse, the festival explores inclusive, open, and sustainable virtual worlds. The objectives of the festival are to promote and develop the know-how of local companies in the “Cultural and Creative Industries” sector, to strengthen the influence of the region, and to make a reference digital event at the regional and national level.

Signal Festival (Czech Republic) is a festival of digital and creative culture, welcoming more than 3 million visitors in Prague during its nine years of existence. It links contemporary visual art, urban space, modern technologies, and contemporary social issues. The programme is created by renowned foreign and Czech artists in the area of light design, visual and digital art, AI, and conceptual art, and it has become the most visited cultural event in Czechia.

Van Gogh Museum (The Netherlands)is internationally known as one of the most prominent art museums in the world, inspiring a diverse audience with the life and work of Vincent van Gogh and his time. The museum has developed substantially in recent years – through ground-breaking exhibitions, significant acquisitions, research of the highest international standard, innovative educational programming, a solid commercial branch, and a Development Department that can be benchmarked alongside the most successful cultural institutions in the US and UK.

Villa Albertine (United States), a new French institution for arts and ideas in the United States, with a permanent presence in 10 major US cities, aims to foster in-depth exploratory residencies for artists, thinkers, and culture professionals hailing from all creative disciplines. Villa Albertine also offers 15 professional programs that cover key cultural fields and creative industries ​​and it also provides studies, analyses, and reports on cultural trends for professionals in a variety of creative industries on both sides of the Atlantic.

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