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Announcing: The Village Infra on Polygon#1 Round on Grants Stack

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The Village Infra on Polygon#1 round is the second round on Grants Stack to run on Polygon PoS. This curated round features 25 projects aimed at promoting innovation and infrastructure development within the Polygon Labs ecosystem, offering a matching fund amounting to 130,000 MATIC. The donation period is January 15-24, 2024.

  • Project onboarding period: January 8 - 13, 2024 (curated round)
  • Donations open: January 15 - 24, 2024
  • Total funding: 130,000 MATIC


We're thrilled to announce the Village Infra on Polygon#1 round, which will run from January 15 - 24, 2024 on Gitcoin Grants Stack.

This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the realm of decentralized funding within the Polygon ecosystem, which recently launched Polygon Village at the end of 2023 to better support web3 founders and startups. The launch of Village includes a reboot of Polygon’s grants program, which is now decentralized. By partnering with Gitcoin Grants Stack, Polygon seeks to support innovation and infrastructure development within its ecosystem.

For this curated round, participating web3 startups will post their proposals between January 8th and 13th. Afterwards, from January 15th and 24th the community will be able to evaluate these proposals and make donations to the projects they’re most excited about – unlocking the power of decentralized, community funding through QF (Quadratic Funding).

For more information, you can check out official links from Polygon Labs:

Polygon Labs Announcement

Set your reminder to learn more: Polygon Village: Decentralized Community Funding with Gitcoin

Quadratic Funding

Quadratic Funding works to amplify and distribute a pool of funds with crowdfunding. It invites community members to make donations that act as votes on where to allocate available funds. With QF, a project receives a portion of the funds based on the number of unique supporters it has over the amount of total money raised. Meaning, the broader the support for a project, the bigger the portion of matching funds it receives. 

To learn more about Grants Stack, visit

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