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Web3 World Virtual Hackathon Launch

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Just when you thought we were taking a break, the Gitcoin team is back with a new hackathon with a variety of juicy challenges for you to dig into!

Just when you thought we were taking a break, the Gitcoin team is back with a new hackathon with a variety of juicy challenges for you to dig into!

Web3 World is another Gitcoin two-week virtual hackathon. We’re aiming to bring developers, entrepreneurs, and researchers from around the world together to build the tools and infrastructure for the next generation of the Internet. Industry pioneers in blockchain and Web3 are posting cryptocurrency prizes for challenges catering to a variety of skill sets. The hackathon will launch this coming Monday, October 28th, and run through November 11th at 11:59 pm ET.

We have some top tier sponsors participating once again- RSK has a whopping 10 challenges already posted (more info below), and Aave will be posting prizes for DeFi lending and data monitoring. A Gitcoin favorite AdEx is returning for yet another hack, working on a prize that would allow users to onboard to Web3 dApps and get a wallet via email. NuCypher is joining again, and will likely post challenges toward their core: secure computation and access control. MetaMask will have prizes related to their new “snaps” modular plugin and permissioning system. Additionally, the Ethereum Foundation will round out the list, so we’ll be posting some Ethereum focused prizes and an overall “best in show” prize. Let’s show them what the Gitcoin community can do!

RSK Prizes

We’ll be sharing more content on specific sponsors and their prizes during the hack, but let’s kick it off with RSK since they are hosting 10 challenges, and have already funded their prizes for you to explore with over $20k USD up for grabs! IOV Labs supports RSK, and is a for-purpose organization that seeks financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technology, smart-contracts, and Bitcoin. RSK is working to make The Bitcoin DeFi platform with a Bitcoin sidechain that shares the Solidity/EVM/Web3 toolchain so it’s very easy to develop dApps for RSK if you have already done so for Ethereum.

In this hackathon, IOV Labs is focused on the internals of the RSK client, called RSKj, which is written in Java. Some of the issues are meant for pure coders: issues such as interfacing native libraries and creating JINI bindings to improve the efficiency of the node. Other issues are from the innovation proposals, also known as RSKIPs, intended for experienced researchers. You can check out their blog post here with some more information on the relationship between IOV Labs and RSK, their technology stack and their prizes.

You can view the RSK challenges already posted on the Web3 World prize explorer, and expect more to be posted from other sponsors throughout the weekend.

How to participate

You can register for the Web3 World hackathon here. If you don’t have a Gitcoin account you can create one by linking GitHub. Sign up, browse the prizes, and join the Discord to find a team if you’d like. Once you’re in Discord, the sponsors can assist with any questions on the challenges you may have. The Gitcoin team can also assist with any Gitcoin platform questions. Don’t forget to “Start work” on the challenges you plan to compete in. Remember, the hackathon ends November 11th at 11:59 pm ET, so don’t hesitate to dive right in.

Happy hacking!

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