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Announcing: Zuzalu QF Grants Program on Grants Stack

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We’re excited to announce the Q1 Zuzalu QF Grants Program, which will run from January 15th - February 15th, 2024 on Gitcoin Grants Stack. Crafted for managing community-powered grant programs, Grants Stack provides the necessary infrastructure and support for the Zuzalu QF Grants Program, where the community can determine which individuals to support, what events to explore, and what technology to develop to foster the movement.


The Zuzalu Grants Program will be the largest Zuzalu-related QF rounds. This iteration of the Grants Program marks a departure from the previous focus solely on community projects.  Our aspiration for the current year is to see a proliferation of events inspired by Zuzalu, contributing to the growth of the pop-up city movement. We anticipate a surge in social experiments and the emergence of new technologies that will propel initiatives in this developing field.

The program's primary objective is to foster the growth of spinoff events (Zu-villages) and to support technology-driven projects (digital public goods) that align with and advance Zuzalu's mission throughout 2024.

Zuzalu will partner with Gitcoin and use Gitcoin’s Grants Stack, a tested platform for public goods funding.

Structure of Q1 Program

The Q1 Zuzalu QF Grants Program will be split into two category rounds:

  • Events Round (166.5 ETH matching pool)
  • Technology Round (83.5 ETH matching pool)

There will be one Program per quarter in Q1 and Q2 this year. After these two, the team will reassess the process and funding in the second half of the year.

Matching Pool

The total matching pool for both the Q1 and Q2 programs will be 333ETH for the event-focused projects and 167ETH for the tech-focused projects. These matching pools will be split evenly between the Q1 and Q2 programs.


  • Applications Period: Jan 15th - Jan 29th
  • Rounds open for donations: Jan 30th - Feb 15th 
  • Reviews: Feb 15th - Feb 22nd
  • Final Results: Feb 23rd

About Zuzalu

Zuzalu's mission is to foster a global network of communities to advance humanity by creating innovation playgrounds at the intersection of open technology, science, health, and social innovation.

Zuzalu began as an innovative experiment initiated by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, exploring the concept of digital communities materializing in physical spaces. It aims to transcend traditional geographical and cultural limitations by creating a pop-up mini-city for a diverse community. This experiment involved a two-month gathering of 200 people, blending various cultures and interests, particularly from the Ethereum, biotech, and rationalist communities. 

About Grants Stack

Gitcoin Grants Stack is the first-ever decentralized, fully customizable, smart contract-enabled grants tooling solution that connects grants round operators, builders and supporters to manage and participate in community-powered grants programs.

Grants Stack enables a streamlined management process for grants program managers–from program deployment to application management to funds allocation–making it easy to manage and grow their program. It encourages supporters to discover and support new projects in their ecosystem while empowering project owners to seek funding, apply to grant programs and build their web3 reputation.

Quadratic Funding

Quadratic Funding works to amplify and distribute a pool of funds with crowdfunding. It invites community members to make donations that act as votes on where to allocate available funds. With QF, a project receives a portion of the funds based on the number of unique supporters over the total money raised. This means that the broader the support for a project, the bigger the portion of matching funds it receives. In a diverse and innovative community like Zuzalu, Quadratic Funding can support a wide range of projects that resonate with the community's varied interests, facilitating equitable resource distribution and encouraging collective decision-making.


The main eligibility criteria is that you should have at least one core team member who was at a Zuzalu event for more than a week. 

Project Submission 

For those eligible to apply, you can find project submission links in past Zuzalu telegram announcement channels. 

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