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Gitcoin is both a movement and a DAO stewarded by contributors, community members and GTC token holders who believe in the regenerative power of funding public goods 🚀

GTC Token

Our token enables community ownership and decentralized stewardship of Gitcoin’s products, protocols and programs. Learn more about GTC utility, Gitcoin governance and how to get involved.

Token Utility

Stake for PoH on Passport

Gitcoin Passport enables web3 citizens to prove their humanity by staking GTC. 500K GTC (and counting!) has been staked as proof of humanity!

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Gitcoin Governance

GTC governs our work to decentralize grants, manage disputes, and govern the treasury.

GTC is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet at 0xde30da39c46104798bb5aa3fe8b9e0e1f348163f

Fund Public Goods with Gitcoin

There are many ways to fund and steward public goods through Gitcoin.

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Gitcoin Staked ETH Index (gtcETH) is a new ERC-20 token that provides diversified exposure to the top liquid staking tokens, enabling users to earn staking rewards while simultaneously contributing to public goods

Moonshot Bots

Moonshotbots is a limited edition PFP (303 max supply) created by Kevin Owocki (Co-Founder, Gitcoin, CEO Supermodular) and Austin Griffith (Founder, BuidlGuidl) with 100% of proceeds going to Gitcoin’s matching pool fund

Metalabel Release

Gitcoin and Metalabel collaborated to release GITCOIN PRESENTS: The Quadratic Funding Collection as an open and limited edition on-chain record to commemorate the paper “Liberal Radicalism” – a paper that introduced a concept for a more equitable and pluralistic way to fund public goods, known as quadratic funding. This project successfully raised over $1M dollars and is a tribute to the impact of Quadratic Funding.

Gitcoin Grants

Gitcoin Grants Program is an initiative that empowers everyday believers in web3 to drive funding toward what they believe matters, with the impact of individual donations being magnified by the use of the Quadratic Funding (QF) distribution mechanism. To date over 270K individuals have helped direct over $60M to fund over 3,700 projects.

Other value generating partnerships

Learn more about our values-aligned partnerships. Rewards received from our participation in these projects go towards sustaining funding for public goods.

oDAO Rocket Pool

Gitcoin's partnership with Rocket Pool as a node operator and member of the Oracle DAO (oDAO) allows for the mutual benefit of securing the Rocket Pool ecosystem, while also securing the Ethereum network. Gitcoin is proud to participate in the Rocket Pool ecosystem and as an oDAO member through the community's governance.

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Lit Protocol

Gitcoin furthers the decentralization of a strategic partner, Lit Protocol. As a node operator, we are part of and support an ecosystem who share our values of privacy and decentralization. Lit Protocol is an important technology that underpins the privacy features of the Gitcoin Grants Stack.

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