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Building Reputation on {r}elinkd - A Gitcoin Passport Case Study

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In this case study, we will examine the partnership between Gitcoin Passport and {r}elinkd. {r}elinkd's goal is to assist builders and creators unfamiliar with web3 concepts by providing an intuitive experience for creating a unified profile that integrates digital and real-world identities. Integrating Gitcoin Passport and {r}elinkd empowers individuals with greater control over how their information is linked and utilized, making them the true owners of their profiles.

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is the concept that individuals should have independent identities without relying on a third-party provider like the government or any central authority. Identity management is key to achieving digital sovereignty, wherein individuals have conscious, deliberate, and independent control over their data. Gitcoin Passport utilizes decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials for linking and associating data about an individual in a persistent and universal manner to achieve this.

The challenge of reliable reputation systems in web3

Builders and creators need effective solutions for managing their identity, which can help them establish their branding and maintain their reputation. However, a major challenge in web3 is the need for more reliable reputation systems. In today's digital landscape, internet users often want to use their online profiles to showcase their accomplishments, skills, qualifications, and other credentials. This can involve displaying badges for completed courses, sharing published articles, or presenting verified testimonials. When people come across a link, they want to be sure that the person who shared it is who they claim to be and that the link will take them to the intended destination. Unfortunately, traditional bio-link tools don't offer any form of user identity verification or verification for the links themselves.

The solution

{r}elinkd is bringing web2 native user experience for web3 identity management using a protocol and dApp designed to create and manage identity profiles. The {r}elinkd platform provides user-friendly tools for seamless immersion into the web3 world through:

  • on-chain identity reputation + score 
  • web3 credentials mint and verification system
  • personal brand profile builder 

{r}elinkd seamlessly integrates digital and real-world identities for builders and creators focused on accomplishments, reputation, scores and connections. {r}elinkd profile unites four main components:

  • Score: {r}elinkd stores the user’s credentials on the smart contracts to form a unique score.
  • Links: {r}elinkd allows to incorporate web2 or web3 links in the profile with verification marks to add an extra layer of trust and reliability 
  • Credentials: {r}elinkd scans the connected profile to display any credentials that are associated with it 
  • Payments: Through {r}stamp you can seamlessly sell your products or services

Simplifying experience using Passport

One of the objectives of {r}elinkd is to assist users who may need to become more familiar with web3 concepts, enabling them to grasp and utilize them easily. {r}elinkd automatically displays stamps such as, “ETH user”, “ENS name owner”, “Ethereum NFT owner”, based on user’s onchain activity without any additional flow. In addition, by including the "Get Stamps" button, users can effortlessly learn about the functionality of Gitcoin Passport and acquire badges.

Additionally, {r}elinkd incorporates a comprehensive system that verifies the authenticity of links, ensuring that they lead to the intended destination, are secure to follow, and are genuinely associated with or endorsed by the profile owner. 

{r}elinkd offers a convenient solution for users who find the identity verification process tiresome, as it eliminates the need to publish tweets or posts. Instead, users can verify their links using Gitcoin Passport to obtain a verified badge.

Together, the "Get Stamps" and "Verify Links" features streamline the process of learning and engaging with Gitcoin Passport. By utilizing these features, users can effortlessly grasp the process of earning badges and verifying links on Gitcoin, enhancing their proficiency in web3.

Furthermore, {r}elinkd enhances the user experience through its unique identity scoring system, which considers various data points such as wallet statistics, credentials, and the integrated Gitcoin Score.

The integration of Gitcoin into {r}elinkd has successfully bridged the gap between traditional bio-link tools and the evolving web3 landscape. By leveraging the capabilities of web3, {r}elinkd has developed a comprehensive and intuitive platform that empowers users to manage and showcase their digital presence with authenticity.


This collaboration benefits both Gitcoin and {r}elinkd by facilitating user onboarding onto the Gitcoin platform. This leads to increased user engagement, education, and activity, helping both platforms and contributing to the growth of the web3 ecosystem as a whole.

As projects like {r}elinkd embrace Gitcoin Passport and prioritize trustworthiness, more individuals in the web3 community are motivated to create their Passports. This increased adoption promotes a safe environment and a greater understanding of the importance of trust verification and reputation in web3.

To learn more about {r}elinkd, visit or join {r}elinkd Discord. For more information on Gitcoin Passport, you can access the Passport Documentation or join the Gitcoin Passport Builders Telegram if you’re interested in getting help from the Passport team in integrating Passport into your project or community.

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