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Educating Your Team and Users for a Smooth Gitcoin Passport Integration

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As a potential integrator of Gitcoin Passport, you're probably eager to enhance your platform's security and user trustworthiness. However, a successful integration goes beyond just coding and implementing features. Once you have committed to integrating Gitcoin Passport, both your organization's team and the users need to be well-educated on the value Passport offers. Here's how to make that happen.

Why Education is Key

It’s important for your users to understand that adding Gitcoin Passport to your platform will alter the user experience. To ensure your programs are only benefiting proven humans, users will need to have a Passport with a passing score. If they haven’t already created a Passport to gain access to other protected programs, they will need to spend some time acquiring enough Stamps to generate a passing score. The key to ensuring a smooth transition lies in effective education.

Educating Your Users

The Importance of Gitcoin Passport

Let's say you are integrating Gitcoin Passport into a communication platform like Discord or Telegram through our Guild integration. You will want to communicate clearly why having a Gitcoin Passport is now a requirement. For instance, requiring a Gitcoin Passport score of 20+ dramatically decreases the likelihood of your community being inundated by bots, spammers, and Sybil attackers. In essence, it fosters a more trustworthy digital environment.

Multi-Utility of Gitcoin Passport

Beyond using the Gitcoin Passport for your platform, users should understand that this is a versatile tool. They can use their Gitcoin Passport in other platforms and activations, making the initial time investment worthwhile. Here’s a list of all of the ecosystem partners that have built Passport into their platforms.

How to Educate Users

  • Blog Post: Create a detailed blog post that explains why this particular activation necessitates a Gitcoin Passport. Include a section that links to our documentation on how to create a Passport and add Stamps to a Passport.
  • Live Event: Consider hosting a Q&A session where users can have their questions answered by someone knowledgeable about Gitcoin Passport. Some questions to go over in the session include:
  • What’s new in the <insert name of your organization> universe? What is the new activation/campaign launching?
  • What is Gitcoin Passport and why is it a requirement for you to participate in the campaign?
  • Early Communication: Share this blog post and event details at least a week before the activation starts, allowing users ample time to prepare.

Educating Your Team

In addition to educating your users, you will want to educate your team members, especially support team members who may get tickets from users about Gitcoin Passport.

Support Team Training

Your support team will inevitably face questions about the new Gitcoin Passport requirement. Brief them on our FAQs, the procedure to create a passport, and the benefits of having one.

In-depth Briefing for All Team Members

Make sure everyone on your team understands the value of integrating Gitcoin Passport, from the technical leads to the customer support agents. This ensures that everyone enters the activation with the right expectations and can guide users effectively.

It may be helpful for you and your team to review this Scoring Algo one sheet to understand what score threshold to set.

The Organizational Benefit

So what is the organizational benefit?

Incorporating Gitcoin Passport doesn't just secure your platform against bad actors. It also ensures that any rewards or gated content are accessed only by genuine, active community members. In short, it enhances your platform’s integrity, which is a win for everyone involved.


When done right, integrating Gitcoin Passport enriches both the user experience and platform security. However, the key to a successful integration is effective education. Make sure your users and team understand why Gitcoin Passport is beneficial, so everyone can walk into the new experience with the right expectations.

Haven’t started the technical implementation of the integration yet? Share our developer docs with your developers.

Ready to take the next step? Start planning your educational strategy now so your users can seamlessly take advantage of your integration.

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