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Linea's Human-First Campaign Using Gitcoin Passport

In the lead-up to the mainnet alpha release, Linea organized the Linea Voyage initiative, involving early community members and partners to shape the platform. This initiative included challenges and exploration of the Linea ecosystem on the testnet, where users earned points towards Linea NFTs. To combat congestion caused by automated activities, Linea partnered with Gitcoin Passport for user verification to prioritize genuine human engagement, rewarding those with high Gitcoin Passport Scores. This approach ensured fair participation and discouraged bot usage, improving the authenticity of the Linea Voyage Quest. The Voyage concluded with over 207K+ users verifying their humanity through Passport, contributing to a substantial transaction volume and widespread engagement with Linea's offerings.

Linea's Evolution to Mainnet

Linea is a Layer 2 (L2) solution powered by Consensys zkEVM stack. It seamlessly integrates with popular tools like MetaMask and Truffle, enabling builders to concentrate on innovation. Linea combines the benefits of zero-knowledge proofs with full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. This empowers builders to develop scalable dApps or migrate existing ones without modifying code or rewrite smart contracts.

Leading up to the release of the mainnet alpha in July, many early community members and over 50 partners participated in Linea Voyage, a collaborative initiative to shape and strengthen Linea before the mainnet launch. This initiative included weekly challenges and opportunities to explore the Linea ecosystem and assist the engineering team in testing and refining the testnet. By undertaking various voyages for nine weeks, users gained hands-on experience with Linea, witnessed the projects being developed with zkEVM by partners, and earned points towards a collection of commemorative Linea NFTs.

The Voyage operated on the Linea testnet. Consequently, the testnet network experienced congestion caused by Sybils and bots engaging in automated activities. The Linea team aimed to foster human-centric activity on Linea, as it helps establish a network with intrinsic value. As a result, the team quickly took action and introduced several methods for users to obtain proof of humanity. This enabled them to rise in the leaderboard and leave behind automated accounts. The goal was not to restrict transactions but to prioritize human interactions and activities.

Gitcoin Passport Partnership: Validating Humanity in Linea's Campaign

"I'm a first class Linea Citizen" was a campaign aimed at addressing the issue of bots and promoting genuine user engagement in the Linea Voyage Quest. As part of this effort, Linea partnered with Gitcoin Passport to offer users a form of credential. The goal was to foster a community experience that is fair and authentic. To distinguish between humans and bots, and discourage the use of bots or sybils, Linea implemented a unique system that rewards users with recognized credentials.

By completing the tasks in this campaign, users who can verify their humanity received significant points. For instance, in previous campaign weeks, users were rewarded 10 points for tasks such as swapping or adding liquidity to Linea. On the other hand, users with a Gitcoin Passport Score of 20 or higher earned 2500 points. This intentional design ensured that human users were given priority on the Linea Voyage Quest leaderboard.

The goal is not to censor anyone or anything but to recognize authentic human involvement and discourage the misuse of bots. By doing this, Passport enabled Linea team to place bots and Sybils at the bottom of the leaderboard. This will affect the commemorative NFT drop, as the lower portion of the leaderboard (which will hopefully only consist of bots and sybils) will not justify allocating resources and time to develop and operate bots or sybils for the tasks. Besides Gitcoin Passport, Galxe Passport and were other credentials offered in the campaign to users.

Fueling Linea's Journey to Success

Linea successfully concluded the Voyage on July 9th, 2023. Linea had over 207K users who verified their humanity using Passport. In just nine weeks, through the weekly challenges, the team achieved a transaction volume of over 30M, with 5.2M unique wallets performing tasks on Linea during the Voyage. Participants in the Voyage were able to explore onchain activities and others that incorporated quizzes, polls and offchain activities for users to learn about Linea. 

Linea was able to integrate the Passport API into their application with just a few lines of code. The Passport API enables developers to retrieve Passport scores and Stamp metadata for users who have created a Gitcoin Passport. Developers can also experiment with the Passport API using our API playground tool. In addition, Passport offers integrators the freedom to create their solutions instead of being confined to the default Gitcoin Grants-based prevention algorithm.

For more information on how to protect your app with Gitcoin Passport, check out the Passport Documentation. Also, find us on Discord in the passport-builders channel if you’re interested in getting help from the Passport team in integrating Passport into your app.

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