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Designing for Gitcoin Grants 18: Biomemetic Magic

As Gitcoin continues to grow and transform, so too does our visual identity. As we unfold Gitcoin's latest grants round, GG18, I'm excited to share with you our new collection of visuals that I've had the pleasure of crafting.

I'm Cici, Art Director at Gitcoin, and to me, these visuals signify more than just illustrations for a marketing campaign – they are the embodiment of Gitcoin's ongoing journey, an aesthetic testimony to our evolution.

We're launching GG18 at a significant juncture for Gitcoin. We've grown our family of products to include Gitcoin Grants Stack, Allo, and Passport, as our work continues to drive public goods funding and drive development.

With GG18, we have an opportunity to spotlight updates across our products, an initiative that will significantly impact our communication channels, as well as our grantees and partners. This sets the stage for the explanation of our visual collection. 

"Biomemetic Magic" finds its roots in the intricate mycelial networks – nature's resilient architects. These underground webs foster communication and resource exchange among organisms; fungi's subterranean internet. Drawing inspiration from this, we're marrying memetic technology with nature's networked patterns, exemplifying digital biomimicry.

As a leader in the Ethereum ecosystem, Gitcoin is embracing the fusion of digital and natural realms. Inspired by nature's wisdom, we're learning from the extraordinary efficiency of organic growth. We see the potential for unforeseen interactions leading to radical innovation. This insight inspires our digital innovation, echoing nature's beautiful systems of chaos.

Our visuals express our belief in fostering a symbiotic relationship between technology and nature, hinting at how tech can mirror nature's intelligence to solve coordination problems and build trusted digital experiences for web3 communities.

Interested in participating in GG18? Visit for everything you need to know, and follow us on X @Gitcoin.

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