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Gitcoin Passport Launches Galxe Integration & “Anti-Sybil Assembly” NFTs

To celebrate the Gitcoin Passport and Galxe integration, Gitcoin Passport holders will soon be able to claim commemorative NFTs from Galxe when Gitcoin Passport’s Galxe campaign “Anti-Sybil Assembly'' goes live on Monday, July 31st, 2023. Depending on your Gitcoin Passport Unique Humanity Score, you are eligible for different tiers of #AntiSybilAssembly NFTs.

What is the New Gitcoin Passport Integration with Galxe?

The hundreds of web3 leaders who run campaigns on the leading web3 community building platform Galxe can now run Gitcoin Passport-protected Galxe campaigns. These Gitcoin Passport-protected campaigns leverage the years of experience that went into protecting Gitcoin Grants from bots, fake accounts, and Sybil attackers, increasing trust and prioritizing quality engagement within their communities.

In this blog post, we'll illustrate how you can easily set up your Gitcoin Passport, increase your Gitcoin Passport Unique Humanity Score, and claim one or more #AntiSybilAssembly NFTs when the campaign goes live.

How to claim Your Anti-Sybil Assembly NFT(s) through Gitcoin Passport’s Galxe campaign

If you hold a Gitcoin Passport already, you will be able to claim your #AntiSybilAssembly NFT collectibles from Galxe on Monday, July 31st, 2023. The link to the campaign will be shared on that Monday, and it will last two weeks.

The rewards are unlocked based on different tiers, each tied to the strength of your Gitcoin Passport Unique Humanity Score.

Want to know what your Gitcoin Passport Unique Humanity Score is? Login to the Gitcoin Passport website with your Ethereum wallet now and view your score on the Gitcoin Passport Dashboard.

Learn how to create a Galxe account here and follow our Galxe account which will be where we host the campaign.

Participate in Exclusive Galxe Campaigns for Gitcoin Passport Holders

Galxe is a leading platform for building engaged web3 communities with over 11 million users and has helped propel the growth of the Optimism, Polygon and Arbitrum communities as well as more than 1,800 other partners through their rewards based loyalty programs. 

Hundreds of web3 communities run campaigns on Galxe, each with a variety of contributor activities and tiers of rewards for contributors to unlock in the form of onchain Achievement Tokens, NFTs, Token Rewards and more. Gitcoin Passport holders can now take part in Galxe campaigns and activities that are made available only to Gitcoin Passport holders. In addition to this, innovative web3 leaders can begin rolling out different tiers of rewards to reward those with higher Unique Humanity Scores.  

How to create a Gitcoin Passport

If you don’t already have a Gitcoin Passport, creating one is really easy. All you need to do is head along to and connect your Ethereum wallet. Once you’ve signed the gasless transaction (free) you’re done. You’ll be able to start collecting stamps from your Gitcoin Passport Dashboard to increase your Gitcoin Passport Unique Humanity Score and start contributing to active campaigns on Galxe.

To learn more about setting up your Gitcoin Passport, go to the official Gitcoin Passport Docs.

Protect your Galxe Campaigns with Gitcoin Passport

Web3 leaders can now protect their Galxe campaigns and keep bots and sybil attackers out with Gitcoin Passport. When running a campaign on Galxe or building your community in web3 generally, campaign managers are often faced with the challenge of overcoming exploitation from bots and fake accounts to unfairly claim rewards. This type of activity can be frustrating, resource intensive to overcome and it doesn’t help promote a healthy, active and engaged community.

With the Gitcoin Passport and Galxe integration, Galxe campaign managers now have an easy way to leverage the years of experience that went into building Gitcoin Grants and protecting against bots and Sybils. Having allocated over $50m in public goods funding since 2019 a lot of iterations and development have gone into creating what has now become Gitcoin Passport

After setting up their wallet, Gitcoin Passport holders collect stamps to increase their Gitcoin Passport Unique Humanity Score. Each stamp acts as a data point to signal to other apps that this passport holder is a unique human. No personally identifiable information is collected or stored and only you can approve stamps to be added to your Passport.

What can you expect to see as you strengthen your Gitcoin Passport Unique Humanity Score?

Users with higher Gitcoin Passport Unique Humanity Scores are more valuable to communities. As campaign managers and app developers come up with unique ways to attract users with high Gitcoin Passport Unique Humanity Scores, and more apps begin integrating with Gitcoin Passport, it’s going to become more and more important to have one.

Linea, for example, recently ran a Galxe campaign protected by Gitcoin Passport to combat bots and prioritise genuine user engagement. Gitcoin Passport holders with a score above 20 were able to take part and collect rewards in their Galxe campaign. We will be sharing a detailed case study on this soon, but it looks like Gitcoin Passport protected the camapign from hundreds of thousands of bots and Sybils.

Create your Gitcoin Passport & Collect your Galxe Onchain Achievement Token starting on Monday, July 31st, 2023

If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and create your Gitcoin Passport and add as many stamps as you can to maximize your score.

And of course, don’t forget to collect your #AntiSybilAssembly NFT when the Gitcoin Passport “Anti-Sybil Assembly'' campaign on Galxe goes live on July 31st! Make sure you’re following us on Twitter to hear the announcement first.

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