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November 25, 2022

Gitcoin Passport <> Snapshot: Making DAO coordination more secure

Snapshot has partnered with Gitcoin by integrating Passport, making it easy to integrate a voting validation strategy, in tandem with Quadratic Voting.

Snapshot has partnered with Gitcoin by integrating Passport, making it easy to integrate a voting validation strategy, in tandem with Quadratic Voting.

If a voting system within a DAO saw an increase in human participation, it would be a more secure system. Web3 tooling can sometimes be easily manipulated by sybils, therefore integrating a solution that mitigates the attacks and instead allows for humanity to win is where an app like Gitcoin Passport offers a strong solution.

“When there’s an increase in humans voting in your DAO, it increases participation, then all of a sudden people’s impacts are then increased by their humanity.” – Nathan vdH, Ecosystem Lead, Snapshot

The partnership

Snapshot is a decentralized governance platform that makes it easy to create and vote on proposals, without high gas fees. Their flexible system supports various voting types of strategies, so you can tailor the voting process to your needs.

There are around 300 voting strategies on Snapshot currently, but without sybil resistance it’s difficult to start putting the emphasis on humans. What Snapshot wanted to do was make sure that their voting mechanisms were more secure. For instance, they have a system that works with one address, one vote. But this is very easy for sybils to attack. Through a few different efforts to mitigate sybils, they still found various solutions to come up short.

They decided to add voting validation strategies, and “Gitcoin Passport is the one that makes the most sense,” Nathan vdH says. Through Passport, they can imagine various voting validations and can base it on many different reputation systems or identity protocols.

“Gitcoin is very well-rounded, without being too invasive, privacy-wise.”

Increasing the use of Quadratic Voting on their platform is what the Snapshot team is really excited about through the integration of Passport, as it becomes a solution to systems that can be easily manipulated.

For a technical walkthrough of the integration flow, visit this document.

What is Gitcoin Passport?

A Gitcoin protocol, Passport is an app that allows you to verify your identity without giving away your personal data. Online identifiers (both web2 and web3), such as Twitter, Google, BrightID, and Proof of Humanity make up what we call ‘stamps.’ These are all aggregated into Passport’s platform, which connects to decentralized apps to validate a user's online identity.

Passport allows you to create a digital identity, prove your humanity, and cross-pollinate your identity wherever you travel in the online universe — all without storing personally identifiable information. With each stamp you collect, you are providing proof that you are who you say you are, making it the most secure way to build a trustworthy, decentralized profile to navigate the open web.

Create your Passport wallet here!

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