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August 28, 2022

Gitcoin’s Q3 Match: $100K+ to OSS projects

Gitcoin is excited to announce our 3rd round of matching from the Gitcoin OSS Fund. We have $100,000 (and growing) to support 80 well known open source initiatives, and we need your help to help us direct this capital.

Gitcoin is excited to announce our 3rd round of matching from the Gitcoin OSS Fund. We have $100,000(and growing) to support 80 well known open source initiatives, and we need your help to help us direct this capital.

As with previous rounds, this match experiments with Liberal Radicalism. Liberal Radicalism (otherwise known as ‘CLR’) is the matching algorithm to determine where the $100K will go. The CLR formula values many small contributions to a project over a few big ones, and thus helps ensure that every donation matters a lot — no matter the dollar amount. That includes yours!

A Quarterly CLR Round

  • Q1 2019: Gitcoin CLR Round 1 — $25,000 in matching funds.
  • Q2 2019: Gitcoin CLR Round 2 — $50,000 in matching funds.
  • Q3 2019: Gitcoin CLR Round 3 — $100,000 in matching funds.

Starting Q3, Gitcoin is committed to running a quarterly matching round for at least the next four quarters. While we can’t promise the match amounts continue to increase, we hope this gives projects who are participating in the match a better idea of how to forecast for their future funding.

We hope this helps allow open source projects to grow on their own terms.

Logistics + Goals For Round 3

Round 3 has $100,000 will accept a longer matching period from from September 16th through September 30th. Any contributions made during this two week period will be used to direct the $100,000 match.

Given a larger match, we have bigger goals for this period.

  • 1,000 unique contributions by Ethereum community members
  • $40,000+ in community contributions towards these 42 projects
  • Top 10 projects receiving at least $5,000 in funding, each

Contribute To A Gitcoin Grant Today!

Gitcoin Grants Round 3 Kudos

Anyone who contributes will receive a special Kudos which will signify their contribution to the matching experiment from Grants Round 3. This Kudos is limited to those who make a contribution to a grant.

A big thanks to our sponsors for this round, and we’re excited for more radical results!

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source while changing the way we work.

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