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Updates from our summer, the road to Devcon, and Q4 Objectives The Gitcoin team has been hard at work throughout the summer and fall growing open source. As we transition into winter, we’ll look back at what we accomplished in Q3 while looking forward to the holiday season.

Updates from our summer, the road to Devcon, and Q4 Objectives

The Gitcoin team has been hard at work throughout the summer and fall growing open source. As we transition into winter, we’ll look back at what we accomplished in Q3 while looking forward to the holiday season.

Our Q4 plans include an extension of our Q3 goals — staying the course + stepping up our infrastructure — while meeting our communities in a variety of locations. And — per usual — we’ll have a few holiday surprises for the community. 😉

First, let’s review what happened the last three months.

The Summer In Review

In our last quarterly update, we brought three objectives to the table for Q3.

  • Scale Our Platform & Community 🚀
  • Increase Platform Quality 🛠
  • Build Real Strategic Relationships 🤝

Here’s how we did.

Scale Our Platform & Community 🚀

As we continue to expand into broader areas of open source, we had clear goals to grow the platform from ~$150K in work at the end of June.

  • Grow the platform $500k in active work (Actual: $361K; $205K in Q3)
  • Have $150k in Work Done (Actual: $189K) ✅
  • Have 500 bounty hunters (Actual: 405 Bounty Hunters)
  • Have 82 organizations posting bounties, doubling Q2 (Actual: 112!) ✅
  • Launch two new products which impact our ability to grow open source in the web3 community (Launched 1/2… more to come!)
  • Create 10+ self sustaining bounty programs for open source projects in the ecosystem, leveraging our EF grant (Complete, see below) ✅

While our stretch goal this quarter was for $500K in work through the platform, we still grew the platform’s volume by 300%in the quarter.

Increasing Platform Quality ✔️

The objective to increase platform quality was met with a number of initiatives to provide features for Gitcoin Users.

  • Crowdfunding Bounties:It’s now easy for multiple people to fund the same bounty, one of our most requested features before delivered!
  • Payout Multiple Contributors:A funder can pay out multiple contributors easily, using top notch Web 3 design principles.
  • Gitcoin Requests:Request a bounty, Gitcoin funds it from our grant budget(s). Developers get paid, your open source project grows faster.
  • Gitcoin Avatar:Building your own avatar, creating your own style in Gitcoin’s universe 🙂 a fun one!

Build Real Strategic Relationships 🤝

Gitcoin has focused on strategic relationships which provide a) direct value to Gitcoin developers while b) providing outcomes for our partners. Some examples in Q3 include:

  • Status:Working together to put 60 bounties on the Embark Framework over the next 3 months. Read more here.
  • Ethereum Community Fund:Posting $60K in bounties across less funded projects at the Ethereum Infrastructure layer. Make a Gitcoin Request for a bounty today! Read more here.
  • Ethereum Foundation:Received a $25K initial grant + $100K follow-on funding to continue growing Ethereum via bounties.

We’re excited to have posted bounties on repos like Geth, Parity, Plasma, Sharding, Solidity, and Vyper — just to name a few.

Again, find an issue which needs help and make a Gitcoin Request!

Highlights & Events

Along the way, we continued to be involved in the Web 3 community, with involvement in ConsenSys India, ETH India, NIFTY, ETH Berlin, Coinvention, Hack.Summit, and more.

The Gitcoin team got to enjoy each others company along the way, and are excited to continue that trend into Q4.

A Look Ahead To Winter ⛄️

Q4 begins with “The Road to Devcon”,including a variety of travel starting this past weekend at ETH SF and continuing with SustainOSS, Web 3 Summit, the Status Hackathon, and Devcon IV itself. If you’ll be anywhere along the way, let us know!

While we’re moving, we are working on on a couple releases we’re excited to share more about soon™ 🙂. Outside of that cliff-hanger, we’re excited to provide our key objectives and key results for Q4.

Continue Scaling The Product 🚀

  • Achieve $750K in Lifetime Work (Current $360K)
  • DoubleActive Bounty Hunters to 358 Q4 Hunters
  • Increase Active Funders by 50% to 137 Q4 Funders
  • 17,000 Combined Slack + Newsletter + Twitter Audience
  • Post 200 Gitcoin Requests in Q4 (Worth $40,000 In Platform Work)
  • Increase Average Bounty Size By 50%

Increase platform quality (reduce cancelled / abandoned bounties, build in reputation, provide notifications to users)

Build Open Source Organizational Infrastructure 🌳

As Gitcoin has grown in popularity externally, so has the team of maintainers, contributors, and commits. It doesn’t hurt our activity that we’re willing to pay contributors via tips, bounties, and grants!

The Gitcoin Web Repo

Gitcoin aims to be the most community friendly open source project on the web. To that end, we’re investing in organizational improvements which allow us to reward technical and non-technical contributors who live our mission and values. Here goes!

  • Build a core team of Gitcoin Community Ambassadors
  • Hire 2–3 engineers to join Gitcoin Core full-time
  • Create a solid pipeline from Gitcoin hunter→ Gitcoin core contributor
  • Grow the core team reviewing Gitcoin PR’s and building our community
  • Institute DevOps practices across the Gitcoin core + our contributor base

Improve Application Infrastructure

To match our focus on organizational infrastructure, we’re also uber-focused on creating a development environment for contributors to thrive at Gitcoin. As open PR’s grew in Q3, we noticed we were no longer able to serve our contributors as well as we hoped (lead times increased, PR’s grew stale). We’re looking to turn that around in Q4 with the following key results.

  • On-demand Preview environments
  • Segregated QA and Production workloads
  • Reduce overall response times by 15%
  • Zero downtime deployments

Lets Grow Open Source, Together

If you can’t tell, growing Gitcoin is a community effort. There are numerous ways to get involved, if you’re interested in our mission.

We look forward to building a web which provides freedom to the individual, both by the projects we support via Gitcoin and with our mission itself. Let’s grow open source, together.

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