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Together we can construct additional pylons. Hello Gitcoiners! I’m Scott Moore and I’m excited to be joining the Gitcoin team as a technical growth lead / developer advocate.

Together we can construct additional pylons.

Hello Gitcoiners! I’m Scott Moore and I’m excited to be joining the Gitcoin team as a technical growth lead / developer advocate.

I’ve been an Ethereum addict since late 2015, experimenting, alongside some great mentors and teammates, with projects around DAO management, decentralized exchange, and most recently open source incentivization through GitToken (after realizing that, although a central point of failure, GitHub is currently the source of some of the most important distributed projects out there). Before that, I led a relatively soulless existence doing machine learning aka regularized logistic regression for a consumer lender and later a venture debt firm that acquired it, where I learned that some funders don’t necessarily have the best interests of their companies at heart when they give out egregiously priced debt financing.Naturally, it was through GitToken that Kevin Owocki and I first met, when in September he gathered a number of other similarly focused (though less similarly named) projects together to think through various approaches to the problem of growing open source. As evidenced by this post, Kevin was eventually able to convince me that his approach was right. The simplicity of a direct bounty model with a community focus has been undeniably effective, and in its short time live has had a genuinely impressive impact on the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.


In addition to its direct impact, one lesser appreciated fact is that Kevin (as far as I can tell) was really the catalyst of the #BUIDL meme, which couldn’t have come at a better time. Historically the Ethereum community has been all about building, perhaps in part because not too long ago that’s essentially all there was to do, but mostly because it was the most interesting thing to do. Few ideas had been tried and everyone was hacking together proof of concepts to understand what smart contracts could (and couldn’t) do. But as we all saw, by late 2017 the signal was barely visible through all the speculative noise, and unfortunately, it got so bad that only memes could save us. So, I’m happy to be a small part of making 2018 about #BUIDLing (and #SHIPLing).Specifically, I’m excited that over the coming months I’ll have the opportunity to start buidling bridges with new projects and ecosystem organizations, to find innovative ways for funders and founders work together on our platform, to scope out and help developers get started on issues that move the Web3 ecosystem forward, and to construct additional pylons.

For those not in the know, in Starcraft pylons are Protoss structures that draw the energy necessary for powering and growing your base.

Since open source projects are only as strong as their community, I hope to do all of this alongside Gitcoin’s, which is one of the most engaged I’ve ever seen. If you’ve just learned about the project and want to be involved in growing open source as well, please reach out. To quote Linus Torvalds: “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.”P.S. If you ever want to play a game of Starcraft, I’m always down for that as well.

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