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In this case study, we explore how integrating and Gitcoin Passport addresses challenges in interoperability and trust for online communities. provides platformless access management, allowing communities to create portable memberships and access gated areas across different platforms. Integration with Gitcoin Passport enhances security, prevents Sybil attacks, and promotes trust within Guilds. We invite readers to join the Gitcoin Passport Guild to stay informed about these advancements and create their own protected guilds.

Interoperability and Access Challenges in Online Communities

Digital experiences for online communities need more fluidity and interoperability across different platforms. Moving between web2 platforms has traditionally posed barriers and transition costs for communities. Each forum has its access management system, roles, and memberships, making it challenging for community members to maintain consistent access and roles across multiple applications. aims to address this problem by providing infrastructure for platformless access management. began as a simple bot connecting Ethereum with Discord, driven by the need for better token-gating and general access management of internet-native groups. Now, Guild allows communities to create portable memberships and social structures across various platforms. With, community members can access gated areas in any connected application, holding a single role without losing access during the transition. empowers communities to reach their full potential and fosters collaboration, sharing, and interactions across different platforms by enabling interoperability and fluid collective movement.

A Look Under the Hood

Guild operates under the framework of the Guild Model, where members meeting specific requirements can obtain roles and enjoy valuable rewards that enhance their engagement and participation within the community.

Requirements serve as the qualifying criteria for these roles. offers a diverse array of requirements, encompassing over 20+ blockchains and 30+ apps and services. These requirements can range from simple tasks like having a Discord role, verifying a wallet address, being on an allowlist, or holding a single token. Additionally, they can extend to on-chain requirements, such as holding a POAP, or off-chain requirements, like following a Twitter account.

One notable feature of is the composability of requirements. This allows for logical reasoning across multiple requirements, irrespective of whether they are associated with the same chain or stem from the same source. Admins of the Guild have full visibility and the ability to edit these requirements at any point, ensuring flexibility and adaptability within the community structure.

Passport as a Requirement on Guild 

Gitcoin Passport offers a solution to verify the identity and trustworthiness of users in web3 communities. It enables users to collect verifiable credentials, called "stamps," from various identity providers in web2 and web3 sources. These stamps serve as evidence of a user's real identity and reputation. By integrating Gitcoin Passport, projects can implement Sybil-resistance measures to prevent malicious actors from creating multiple fake accounts and gaining disproportionate influence. The combination of stamps in a user's Passport can generate a "trust score," aiding project owners and developers in assessing user trustworthiness. 

When adding a new role, Guild admins can set up a requirement by searching for Passport in the list of available integrations on

The exciting integration of with Gitcoin Passport represents a significant leap forward, making Guilds more secure. The feature empowers Guild creators to protect their communities from Sybil attacks, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of roles within their Guilds. Guilds can be safeguarded by Guild's native requirements such as wallet activity, requiring a Gitcoin Passport or "weighted score" with the default Unique Humanity Score being the currently available metric. 

Admins can gate access to the reward by adding a requirement for the user to have a Gitcoin Passport to be eligible for this role.

Alternatively, the Unique Humanity Score offers communities more granular and intuitive ways to design Sybil resistance. To evaluate the unique humanity of users in web3 applications, each stamp in Passport is assigned a weight based on its significance in assessing the unique humanity of the Passport holder. These weights are used as inputs to an algorithm that calculates a Passport score for the holder. These scores can grant access to partial rights, features, and other benefits to Passport holders based on their score. For instance, developers may offer access to a web app to users with a score above a particular threshold or provide special features to power users with scores above a certain level.

By using these scoring mechanisms, Guild admins can ensure that unique humans can participate in their applications while still preserving users' privacy.

Growing Trust with Portable Reputation

Gitcoin Passport is an open-source identity verification protocol that has enabled communities to build a more trustworthy and secure web3 ecosystem. This integration prevents communities from being flooded by bots and airdrop farmers, promoting genuine human interactions within Guilds. Additionally, it enables users to carry their reputation or social capital from Passport to multiple communities using Guild across web2 apps, dApps, and platforms within the blockchain ecosystem. The portable reputation enabled by this integration enhances interoperability, efficiency, and trust within the decentralized communities. It empowers users, promotes collaboration, and facilitates the seamless transfer of social capital, ultimately contributing to the growth and maturity of the Web3 space.

Gitcoin Passport also protects the Gitcoin Passport Guild, and we are prepared to expand our activities within our Sybil-defended Telegram group. On that note, this is your invitation  to join the Gitcoin Passport Guild, where they can stay up-to-date on topics related to Gitcoin Passport, Sybil defense, and more. We aim to provide insights and thought leadership on Sybil defense, decentralized identity and portable reputation, which are crucial areas of content that our readers will not want to miss.

For more information on Gitcoin Passport, you can access the Passport Documentation or join the Gitcoin Passport Guild if you’re interested in getting help from the Passport team in integrating Passport into your project or community.

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